Gardasil/Cervarix HPV easy fact list

Partial Excerpts:

1. HPV does not cause cervical cancer, it is the persistent infection, not the virus, that determines the risk.

2. A CDC study showed that HPV types 16 and 18, the two HPV vaccine-relevant strains, are NOT the prevalent types in American women.

3. If a young woman is considering taking an HPV vaccine, it is critical that she know if she has been exposed to HPV, and if so, what genotype.

4. Three published papers on HPV prevalence in the U.S., indicated that types 62, 84 and 52 are the most prevalent. These are all classified as high-risk strains, none of which are targeted in either approved HPV vaccine.

5. If a person has prior exposure to vaccine-relevant HPV prior to injection, the vaccine provides no benefit, but does provide potential risks. Download and Continue to read list…

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