2 thoughts on “Mike Adams: What is in Vaccines…

  1. William Hewitt

    Vaccines are heavily contaminated with aborted fetal DNA, retroviruses, mercury, MSG, aluminum, and formaldehyde. I recommend stopping all vaccinations to prevent autism and other deadly diseases.

  2. William Hewitt

    There are only 2 exceptions to vaccination – Home Schooling and religious exemption. Home schooling is legal in every state and capable of providing better education with real skills. SCPI and AVM Biotechnology founded by chief scientist Dr Theresa A Deisher PhD offers the only hope of providing a GREEN vaccine. She has been blacklisted by HHS and CDC for proving the link between vaccines and disease including autism and she does have the support of Catholic church but she needs NGOs to get behind her GREEN vaccine that will be manufactured by AVM Biotechnology. The green vaccine eliminate aborted fetal cell DNA and retroviruses. It is possible to eliminate mercury and reduce aluminum load if she has backing and support. The mercury could be replaced by 2phenoxyethanol but this will require more support.

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