3 thoughts on “Monkeys vaccinated develop Autism (University of Pittsburgh) 2008

  1. Judith M.L. Day

    I am not against vaccines and I believe they have saved many lives, but I believe the problem lies in how they are administered and at what dosages and the different diseases lumped together. Some sensitive babies are receiveing too much, too young and some will have toxins cross the blood brin barrier that causes brain damage. Again these vaccinations should be individualized, with thorough medical histories checked before babies are bombarded with those vaccines and all babies should not be treated the same..
    Individual chemical sensitivities should be taken more seriously and also considered in the very young to prevent this brain damage that is becoming more prevalent. What a shame for those children!!

  2. Judi

    my son, who is 46 years old now, was progressing normally, or so we thought. he got all the required baby vaccines, and at an age when other children were beginning to talk, he would only say one words, never putting words together. He seemed to understand everything we said or asked him to do tho. The doctors could never find anything wrong with him, but finally decided he was slow. The just didn’t know much if anything about Autism in the 60’s. I’m wondering if the vaccines had anything to do with all of this?

  3. Kay Heffner

    My grandson started talking at 18 months and like millions of other children got the MMRand Chicken pox(Vercella) together , he was premature and was only 15 pounds at the time. I tried to stop the nurse at the health department when she told me that I was only the grandmother and had no say. I told her that I had been a nurse for 38 years and she took the mother aside and told her I didn’t know what I was talking about. After that day my grandson was autistic.Now we have to live with this child that can’t talk, gets frustrated and bangs his head. Has to have medication with terrible side effects of which we won’ t find out about until many years from now. There haven’t been studies on how clonidine and resparidol effects the minds of autistic children.

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