5 thoughts on “Nancy Banks, MD: Vaccines have elements of neurtoxins and pollutants

  1. Roberto

    The one thing that was NOT mentioned here is that some of the vaccine genetic material injected will continue to be passed one from generation to generation. So as an example 4 generations ago in your family line your ancestors received the Polio vaccine. Here we are 4 generations later if each generation continued to get the Polio vaccine this means that the Polio genetic material has now compounded. So in this same family line when the times comes and a female is now pregnant (who also received the Polio vaccine)the Fetus will now be infected with this Polio’s genetic material that has come through 4 generations.

    Now this Fetus immune system will be extremely compromised even before the child is born. As soon as the child is born they will then inject the child with Hep-B and VitaminK shot to further complicate the child’s immune system.

    Here is the Hep-B adverse reactions listed in the Hep-B package insert.
    Adverse Reactions of Hep B:
    Anaphylaxis hypersensitivity, Insomnia, Lymphadenopathy, Seizures, infantile spasms, Gillian- Barre Syndrome / Bell’s Palsy, Transverse myelitis, Multiple sclerosis, Arthritis / Arthralgia, Thrombocytopenia, S-J S, Erythema Multiform, Urticaria, Systemic Lupus erthematosus (SLE), Elevation of liver enzymes, Optic neuritis, Otitis Media (ear infection), Renal failure, Encephalitis, Eczema * NOTE: SIDS or Deaths reported to VEARS

    In 1983 – 10 injections contained 30 vaccines.
    In 2011 – 40 injections contain 120 vaccines.
    * Never have they done studies of the cumulative effects of vaccine ingredients and the genetic materials is proven to pass to fetus. They keep adding more vaccine to the mix. When will they STOP
    Will your childs DNA ever be the same?
    To your health

  2. Erwin Alber

    Thanks for the info!

    If one researches the vaccination issue one is inevitably bound to arrive at the conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science.

    “Belief in immunizatio is a form of delusional insanity.”
    Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

  3. Mindanoiha

    Excellent video. Other important issues are that of the influence and effects which specific vaccine ingredients may and often do have on each other, and interactions between them.

    There appears to be both lack of knowledge and lack of interest concerning these important factors.

    They should certainly be taken into account in connection with discussions concerning actual amounts and concentrations of substances in vaccines.

  4. Dr. Leo Rebello

    Dr. Nancy Banks did not say anything new that I did not know of. But I admire her courage to call a spade a spade, when her colleagues are afraid of the medical establishment.

    In India now, there are 4 million plus children suffering from Autism. And vaccines are clandestinely and through corrupt methods tested on ignorant and poor people with super star like Amitabh Bachchan (who has not given OPV to his newborn grand daughter called ‘Baby B’ as she is yet unnamed) and that school boy Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar vouching for OPV, because his older wife is a doctor (who has forgotten her medicine) as she runs a restaurant business. Millions of followers of these two ignoramuses take their advice as Gospel Truth and give their children Pentavalent vaccines, OPVs, Hep-B and cervical vaccines without application of mind.

    In our childhood I remember, I had only one BCG vaccine (I have the mark still on my hand) and how I dreaded vaccines and injections and the reason why I became a Holistic Health Guru. Today, there are something like 40 vaccines being pumped into children by two years of age. What madness. Bloody murdering maniacs.

    Please read my following four articles in particular:-
    1.. Revised Oath for Doctors — 2003.
    2.. World Health Reforms Agenda — 2004.
    3.. How to Treat Cancers Naturally — 2005
    4.. There is no Vaccine against Ignorance — 2006.
    5.. War on Your Health — 2009.

    To hell with CDC, FDA, Codex – all bastard children of WHO/UN run by Jewish mafia. Replace the WHOre with World Traditional and Natural Medicine Organisation – world is healthy and sane because of TNM
    trusted by 80% of the world population still.

    For Alternative Paradigm, World without Wars, Holistic Health and Holistic Development, in solidarity, I remain, yours with very best wishes for 2012.

    Dr. Leo Rebello, Bombay, India

  5. Louise

    I am quite convinced what Roberto says is true and that generations become weaker and weaker with all the vaccines, degrading their inherited immune systems. You can cram quite alot in 100 years from say 1900 to the present day if women had babies at age 20 in each generation. Only a few lucky ones (like me) have avoided that. My grandmother had my mother at age nearly 46 and she had me at age 37! My grandmother had no vaccines and my mother only the smallpox (bad enough). I am also quite convinced one of my relations developed polio from the mass vaccination in 1918 in the UK. I had the polio vax in the 60s, got breast cancer 16 years ago which luckily cured with homeopathy ( didn’t notify any doctor). Vaccines have caused an explosion of chronic disease and cancer. Bear in mind that cancer was very rare before 1900.

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