NY Times/Washington Post/FoxNews: Genetically Modified Babies (Vaccines & Mitochondria)

Genetically Modified Babies

Read…(NY Times opinion 2/2014)

FDA considers approval of genetically modified babies:

A chilling report by The New York Times (NYT) explains that a special FDA advisory committee recently met to discuss the approval of “radical biological procedures” that involve splicing and dicing the genetic blueprint of the human form. Referred to by the FDA as “mitochondrial manipulation technologies,” Read more Natural News

In-vitro manipulation (Fox News)  VLA Comment on in-vitro:  Already in-vitro procedures are causing Angelman’s Syndrome which is very much like Autism symptoms. Also in the case of in-vitro,  the parent is required to get vaccines in order to participate in the program.

VLA Comment:  Interesting to note that many  vaccine injured have mitachondrial dysfunctions at the basis of their Autism or neurological disabilities.   But what came first the chicken or the egg?  Furthermore, if  mitochondrial dysfunction is inherited  yet the  parent is doing okay with living with the problem but the child become severely Autistic or neurologically impaired having the same inherited problem, why is the establishment giving vaccines to children whose parent/parents have inheritable mitochondrial problems since vaccines exacerbate the condition to a point of total disability as in the case of Hannah Polling. (as in the Hannah Polling case where the National Vaccine Compensation program paid out millions in her case..determining that the vaccines brought on the manifestation of her autism based on her mitachondrial dysfunction). Instead the establishment wants to avoid the vaccine confounder  and seek to genetically modify the embryo.


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