2 thoughts on “Parents, in prison falsely accused of Shaken Baby Syndrome – caused by vaccines

  1. Amber

    WE HAVE A SIMILAR STORY, CAN YOU HELP US? We want our story to be heard, we want to help others, we want to find justice. We would like to talk with other families or with those in charge of the Vaccine Army. I want to be apart of this, but can’t get emails sent from your page but it won’t let me?
    thank you for your time.


    I wish i could organize a group of educated(on this anti vaccine crusade), like del bigtree, Andrew wakefield, brian from CDC-the whistle blower, and any other knowledgeable people like myself and sisters, to look up all the shaken baby cases and see if they are falsely accused. Its really quite simple to diagnose false accusations once you are learned of all the different aspects, signs, side effects and damages that vaccines have been proven to be the culprit of many a children ailments in the past. I mean, if you had a relative that was in prison for shaken baby and a organization came to you and said they could prove your relative wasnt a monster, YOUD PAY BIG BUCKS TO SEE THE TRUTH TO FREE HIM OR HER. It could even be your latino day care provider/nanny/housekeeper/babysitter that just happen to be there when the reaction occured and get blamed because SHE IS THE ONE WHO CALLED 911, so the medical doctor in emergency room is handsomely paid from the big Pharma to immediately accuse the person last with the child who made the call. PATHETIC EH? I know this stuff because my sister is a nurse in emergency and knows this shit. Excuse my lingo, but Im so emotional about this subject that i cant help it. apologies.
    So I am just sitting here, knowing I could organize the pertinent personell to exonerate – FREE – THE accused.
    Its such a fucked up judicial system that CPS and others involved can lock up a person with such absurd diagnostic testing and analysis I am at loss what to do. The judges really need to be educated on this issue and not take medical personells word for it and know himself what to look for.
    anyway, any lawyers out there who would love to challenge the BIG PHARMA?

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