Pattern Recognition Technology to Predict Future Mental Illness in Teens

Comment by VLA founder: Here we have the Pharma/medical establishment desperately looking for a “scientific basis” for their imaginary DSM diagnoses.  More egregious: This research is meant to establish that a teen has a risk for future mental illness.

If there are patterns found, these  are the patterns of vaccine injury-teens  having  minor seizures, having gotten over 45-80 mandated vaccine doses by the age of 19.  45 of which is injected into their bodies by 6 years old, some with mercury, a known neurotoxin.

Excerpt:  Research on risk for mental disorders generally describes risk factors that apply to groups. To date, no biological measures can accurately predict an individual’s risk of future mental disorders.Based on this MRI data, the researchers used machine learning to calculate each participant’s odds for future mental illness.  Read more…

1 thought on “Pattern Recognition Technology to Predict Future Mental Illness in Teens

  1. vmv

    In my opinion, this is a useless study. Even if it is established that a teen is at risk for FUTURE mental illness, of what benefit is it? Are doctors or psychiatrists going to prescribe drugs for a possible future mental illness? I think it is already known that heredity plays a role in schizophrenia and in bipolar conditions. I would say that almost all teens are at risk for future mental illness. And the environment does play a role, as well as nutrition and vaccines.

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