Are Polio Vaccines Paralyzing Children?

Vaccination: The inside story

Our primary effort should be to strengthen the immune system to keep  the population healthy. Many of the infectious diseases give life-long  immunity after the first attack. This should be harnessed in children  instead of trying to vaccinate a child for every mild childhood  infection that would otherwise make the child immune for the rest of the  child’s life. Poor children, the majority in the world, with 46.4% of  children in India suffering from malnutrition, are risky candidates for  vaccinations as they do not produce enough antibodies in response to  vaccination since they do not have enough raw materials (serum proteins)  to produce antibodies to vaccines. In fact, certain vaccines like the  live oral polio vaccine in such malnourished children could provoke the  attenuated live virus to mutate to produce a deadly live virus to infect  the recipient and other children in the vicinity! Such epidemics have  been reported lately from Haiti, Dominican Isla nds and the Barbados.  There have been nearly 27,000 vaccine-related polio deaths in India  until 2007.
Professor Dr BM Hegde, MD, PhD, FRCP, FACC and FAM, moneylife
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Here is an organization that in 2006 boldly states that they are eradicating polio from Pakistan. So Pakistan has been their focus of no child left unvaccinated for Polio in Pakistan.

6 (six) years later 78% of Pakistan children who had been vaccinated have contracted Polio.  Either the vaccine is ineffective or the vaccine shedding is causing Polio.

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