Recommended Vaccine videos links – at a glance


The Central Mechanism By Which Vaccines Induce Autism – Dr. Russell Blaylock Lecture
Dr. Blaylock speaking at the National Autism Association (NAA).  July, 2013        1 hr. 9 min     

 How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development Dr Russell Blaylock MD

The Quiet Killer – our auto immune systems targeted by the same vaccines you give your children. The Exploding Autoimmune epidemic  –  R.E. Tent, .D.C.  N.D,  PhD              2 hr.  7 min 

Shots In The Dark: Silence on Vaccine                                 1 hr. 13 min

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie dire     1 hr 48 min
A Gary Null Production

Vaccination, Evidence of Harm, Review the Research and Know the Dangers        2 hr. 11 min Dr. Dale Brown  April, 2013

Vaccines   – THE Toxic Truth                                          56 min
Gary Null

Vacciness -The truth behind vaccinations-                            52 minNoah Neo

THE TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES                                 52 min
Dr, Shiv Chopra (Total Health 2013) 
Dr. Chopra worked for Health Canada for 35 years

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