Rise in Peanut Allergies caused by VACCINATION (it’s the oil in the vaccines)

peanut_allergyIn 2002, 1 in 125 young children had peanut allergy in the US.  2008 one in every 17 children under the age of 3 has food allergy“…when we arrived at the ER and I announced that my son had eaten peanut butter I could not fathom the response of the nurses. They leapt across desks, caps flying, yelling, wheeling, snatching up the boy, jabbing his little arm with needles, stabbing an IV into the back of his hand. Screaming now with fear and confusion, he was strapped down so he couldn’t move, pumped with drugs, hooked to monitors and drips. I stood behind the team of four or six or there might have been 10 doctors and nurses, whatever the exact number it seemed totally out of proportion to my announcement that we had just eaten peanut butter. How could a food I had eaten for years cause such a reaction? “At this point, at last, I started to think. What was going on? This allergy had developed in hundreds of thousands of children, not just mine – it had grown from an infrequent occurrence in 1990 to 1.5% of the US population, 4.5 million people by 2009. Neither coincidence nor genetic fluke could explain these numbers.


VLA COMMENT:  Now watch out for allergies to gummy bears  (Gelatin in vaccines)

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