Study (2012) Neurologic Adverse Events Vaccination (POLAND)

Prog Health Sci 2012, Vol 2 , No1 Neurologic adverse events vaccination

Adverse reactions
In developed countries, the schedules of mandatory and recommended vaccination for children contain more and more components with a specific emphasis on the co-administration of multiple antigens in combined form. This direction on the one hand provides many benefits and on the other carries an increased risk of side effects, the immunopathogenesis of which is not fully explained in many cases [1]. READ STUDYprog-health-sci-2012-vol-2-no1-neurologic-adverse-events-vaccination.

A postvaccinal complication (PC) is associated with an excessive or pathological reaction with the characteristics of postvaccinal disease, which in extreme cases can lead to permanent damage, threat to life or even death [3]. Complications affecting the nervous system raise the most controversy; the more so, as the children subjected to vaccination are healthy.

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