Here are the Top 15 Measles Truths — Not the Viral Lies from the Mainstream Media BY MICHALE GAETA

1. Measles vaccine does not save lives – no decrease in mortality after it was released in 1963
2. MMR (the only measles vaccine) causes the measles in some or most cases, through viral shedding
3. MMR increases the risk of autism 69-338%, according to CDC research (which they then manipulated)
4. The MMR is far more dangerous than the measles itself (a 3-day rash with fever). Serious measles complications are rare, much more rare than that of the MMR
5. Vaccine mandates violate informed consent, healthcare freedom of choice, and personal sovereignty
6. Vaccinating does not protect the community – no herd immunity from vaccines, only natural infections
7. Merck faked the MMR effectiveness data given to CDC, and is being sued for it in federal court
8. Measles, in the US, is a non-fatal self-limiting childhood disease that makes the immune system stronger and provides lifetime immunity
9. Removing vaccine exemptions puts us on a slippery slope leading to unlimited forced vaccinations for all
10. Positive antibody titers does not mean you are protected, and a lack of antibodies does not mean high risk
11. There have been no long-term safety or efficacy studies of MMR in the context of the entire vaccine schedule
12. Merck, like all other vaccine makers, is immune from liability for damage done by their unproven drugs
13. There have been over 67,000 reported adverse events from MMR (and only 1-10% get reported)
14. Worldwide courts have confirmed a causal relationship between MMR and autism
15. The US Supreme Court classifies all vaccinations as “unavoidably unsafe products.”

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