Whooping cough outbreak – affected only vaccinated students


Unvaccinated children are supposedly the cause, according to state health officials, of a recent whooping cough outbreak that occurred in the posh Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. But as reported by CBS Boston, all of the children affected by the outbreak were already vaccinated, proving once again that vaccines don’t really work. Read more…

VLA comment:  Not only are they not effective, the are not safe.  The risks outweigh the benefits. 

MSM NEWS REPORT: Be alert at video time code 1:51.  The entire video cover story was an alarmist report to encourage vaccination.  Yet, there is one utterance at 1:51 “All the students had been immunized”  http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/whooping-cough-outbreak-on-cape-cod/vi-BBdNY6t?refvid=BB78z6T

1 thought on “Whooping cough outbreak – affected only vaccinated students

  1. Matt

    Sounds to me like the vaccine was perfectly effective considering it’s purpose to create and spread disease.

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