Yeshiva: Jewish Schools expel students for not being vaccinated


For the last several years, four Jewish schools in the Baltimore Jewish community have been expelling students who have not received their vaccinations. The Baltimore schools – Talmudic Academy of Baltimore, Torah Institute of Baltimore, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore, and Beth Tfiloh – have expelled these students even though the parents of these students say that they have proper religious exemptions according to Maryland law.

As many as 15-20 families have had their children expelled from these schools, but an exact number cannot be verified, since many parents are afraid of the ridicule they would receive from their neighbors and rabbanim if they were to share this information. Read more…


Under the terms of the coalition deal, which appointed party member Yaakov Litzman deputy health minister, “the National Insurance law will be amended, such that child allowances will not be given in cases where a parent refuses to vaccinate their child.”


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