Autism Coach: Share your vaccine injury stories


Excerpt: My name is Lauren and I have a son on the autism spectrum. When my son was under 2 y/o he was a typical developing and happy boy. Always smiling and starting his first words at a tender age. He was so alert and smart, he was my husbands and I first son and we were so excited to be embarking on this amazing journey together. When my son was just under 2 he received a flu shot and then received his MMR shot at 2. After both of these shots my son got an extremely high fever to where I had to take him to the emergency room, because we could not bring the fevers down, both over 104 degrees. The doctors were dumbfounded and kept asking me if someone in the house was sick or if he had been exposed to anything. I told them no, the only thing I can think of is he had a shot and they would dismiss that right away saying shots don’t cause fevers, well we know differently today and all they could do was medicate him and give him an ice bath doing anything they could to bring that fever down.

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VLA Comment:  Painful to read all these stories…but if you have any doubts that vaccines are not safe read some of these stories.

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