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911 The Video Key: AMAZING from an indigo-Proof that the 911 planes were video composites

In the last video (rare new video find 2013) below, you will see that the plane’s wing, as it approaches the building, goes “behind” the building in the background…confirming that the video is graphically manipulated.

If this gets scrubbed from Youtube email us for a private link
An additional tantalizing bit of information is that the infamous Carlyle Group, which invests primarily in defense contractors, owns a company called Foundry, based in Britain. Foundry produces systems like AVID that are even more sophisticated in their applications http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/ About the Carlyle Group

Some people say they were at the site and saw the planes. Here is the explanation for that HOLOGRAM TECHNOLOGY
Watch carefully, especially the left wing.

All I have done is slow down this video, zoom in, and freeze some frames — I have not modified this footage in any other way.

Scientists who are experts in the holographic projection field and have viewed this footage say that there is no way that this could possibly be a real plane, but it is definitely a holographic projection, and that the mysterious disappearance of the left wing of the supposed “plane” was caused by part of the smoke plume getting in the way of the satellite-mounted holographic projector.

Bush administration officials have come up with a few lame excuses.

However, none of their excuses explain why the left wing clearly disappears before impact, while the right wing remains visible until it supposedly enters the building.

Take careful note that there is an explosion to the left of the supposed “fuselage” that occurs where the left wing would have been, but there is no left wing entering the building at all because there was no plane — it was a US military missile, poorly disguised using holographic technology.

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