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Hillary’s America & How Trump will investigate Vaccine/Autism Link


SYNOPSIS of the articles  written by Eileen Danneman

1) Every African American MUST be encouraged to see this film “HILLARY’S AMERICA, The Secret of the Democratic Party. (see citizen’s review below)

2) The Vaccine Law…Bioshield and PREP ACT, the laws that give immunity to vaccine providers
Bottomline: The US Attorney General & the Sec. of HHS must give their consent to investigate the CDC corruption documented by VAXXED the movie. TRUMP/CHRISTIE/CARSON WILL DO IT! Without the consent of USAG & HHS, CDC and the vaccine corruption remains the same.
Hillary Clinton: “The sky is blue, the earth is round and vaccines are safe” End of Vaccine discussion.

SYNOPSIS of the articles Hillary’s America and Trump Investigation of CDC corruption

Trump v P2(1)