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Baby formula is loaded with GMO: Round up expected to increase Austim Rate 1 out of 2 children


(NaturalNews) A petition is circulating to persuade three of the top infant formula brands in the U.S. — Abbott Laboratories (Similac), Mead Johnson Nutrition (Enfamil) and Nestle (Gerber Good Start) — to stop using genetically modified (GM) ingredients in their baby products. Each of these powdered formulas is loaded with corn and soy byproducts, along with sugar, which means they are more than likely GM in nature and harming children.  READ MORE…

VLA Comment:  Mike Adams (Natural News) goes on to say that he warned us way back then.  And Eileen Dannemann who blew the whistle on GMO in the early day when GMO was just getting momentum, spoke to a Mr. Maryanski, who was assigned as the “laison” for the new GMO food at the FDA . We had a lengthy discussion asking them to be prudent and restrict manufacturers from using the untested GMO materials in Infant formula.  He just about stated during the conversation that the use of GMO in infant formula would provide a great data base on the effects of GMO food on the population.  (Yes…I got that out of him).  Post that conversation we produced a poster with a photo of a Baby and next to it a photo of a Guinea Pig (this was in the 1990s).  The headline caption read:  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN AMERICAN BABY AND A GUINEA PIG?   The answer was:   ASK MONSANTO!

Stephanie Seneff, senior researcher at MIT, has figured out that Glysophate (Round up) residue on food will cause the epidemic of Autism to increase.   According to her statistics it may increase to 1 out of 2 children being diagnosed on the Autistic spectrum in 2025.

The technology of GMO has much to do with Cytochrome P450 which is the detox mechanism in plants, animals and humans.  In humans, cytochrome P450 is “maturing” so that when infants get vaccinated and eat GMO foods their detox mechanism is not mature enough to channel it out of the body. Hence the toxins in the body increase and cause the epidemic of chronic illnesses we see today.  Moreover, there is an estimated 10 percent of Caucasians, for example, that are non-metabolizers (they do not have the activity of Cytochrome P450 2D6, the major detox channel.

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Stephanie Seneff (MIT) published research on glysophate