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School Based Health Clinics

The injectable FLU SHOT contains high levels of mercury. The government tells us not to eat fish with mercury, but expects us to standby like cattle while nurses for the newly funded public School Based Health Care (SBHC); pharmacists at Walmart; and health care professionals at airports inject mercury directly into our arms! The flu shot with mercury is recommended by our government to be given to ALL people: All adults; the elderly; pregnant women; infants and children from 6 months old through 19. That is, we are injecting mercury first in-utero, then again at 6 months old and then again every year through 19 years of age. ADHD, ADD, Autism, OCD, Bipolar…are vaccine injuries mis-labeled as “mental illness” and mis-treated with amphetamines and dangerous psyche drugs. The emerging generation is chronically ill, dumbed-down on psychiatric drugs…psyche drugs that are causing deformities in babies of pregnant mothers prescribed these drugs See Mayo Clinic… WHO IS THE MADHATTER? In England in the earlier centuries hatters used to use mercury to stiffen the felt of hats. The mercury was absorbed into their finger tips and they eventually went “mad”…MAD AS A HATTER. We are injecting mercury directly into our children’s arms causing an epidemic of apparent madness.