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Personal Story: Travel Vaccines destroys healthy 27 year old

Transverse Myelitis caused by Travel Vaccines – Melissa’s Story

In 2014 I was a healthy 27 year old female working in healthcare. I moved from a small town in Nova Scotia to Edmonton and for all intents purposes was enjoying life. That year I was planning a vacation to South Africa and Rwanda for both volunteer work as well as a trek into the Rwandan rain forest to see the mountain gorillas. In order to gain entry into Rwanda I was required to have a yellow fever vaccine and decided that my best choice was to go to a Travel Health Services clinic and booked the appointment.

Excerpt:  Confirmed by 3 Neurologists in two provinces I had Transverse Myelitis due to a vaccine. Although I responded quickly to treatment and regained movement in my leg I went roughly 6 months with half my body numb, I was on pain medication for 2 years and nearly 5 years later I am still on medications for my bladder. Along with the 14mm lesion on my spinal cord I also suffered 8 brain lesions and recently have been diagnosed with MS. READ MORE…