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New Documentary: “We Don’t Vaccinate” German w/English voice over

We don´t vaccinate! – The Myths and Reality of the Vaccination Campaigns // TRAILER

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A comprehensive protection from dangerous diseases? Vaccinations are classed as the best protection that modern medicine has to offer. But there is increasing proof and indications that show that the dangers from which the vaccinations are supposed to protect us from, are totally disproportionate to the vaccines side effects.

VLA Comment:  “We Don’t Vaccinate” is a sensitive, expressive and discerning documentary. Rivetingly factual, it stays solely on the vaccine track tackling the contemporary vaccine issue like no other film before it. Out of Germany, the originating homeland of Merck & GlaxoSmithKline, Michael Leitner’s documentary, “We Don’t Vaccinate” deserves a widespread worldwide audience so that the mass hypnosis which allows these pharmaceutical companies to commit crimes against humanity can finally come to an end.
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