Anita Moorjani Near Death Experience-Anita declines helping war against cancer

: Why I Don’t Support ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’

VLA COMMENT: ANITA MOORJANI’S NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE is one of the best articulated experiences that illustrates that conciousness creates form (informs). Not other way around. Her recent article in the Huffington Post highlights the seed problem with the health care system orientation aka Sick care system. I also do not support the war against cancer; a war that President Nixon declared after his stint with the HHS or was it the NIH finding out that the Polio vaccine injected into millions of people contained the cancer causing SV 40 virus. See our link concerning Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, Dr. Mary Sherman leading to the war against cancer.

VLA is a preventative site regarding vaccines. Our position is that the health of the body, mind, emotion, mental and spiritual concepts in its ideal has all it needs to maintain wellness and that injecting foreign disease and toxic substances into the body of infants is basically evil. As well is the war on terror that creates terror in the mind body as in the flu pandemic and ebola propaganda. Fear is at the basis of all illness and our governments and industries are promoting that very idea. Read Anita’s message and enjoy her video interview. It is profound!

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