USA Economic Hitmen: Global Industrialization of Iowa -The GMO feed and Hog Source for the Globe



Iowa has been slated to be the global source for GMO feed and Hogs.  Although the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) as its strategists pretending it is not fast tracked, infrastructure has been long in the making.

The history and analysis by International Agriculture and Trade Policy Institute about USA export plans to China (corn, soy feed for hogs)  IS A MUST READ. It is absolutely riveting.  and you will then know what the Farm Bureau, Vilsack and the Governor knows about Iowa being the feed and hog source for the globe…IATP.ORG

You will finally know what is really going on and the nature of the USA being Economic Hitmen subverting agricultural bases in foreign countries as a strategy for economic dominance. This is one of the best; most interesting; comprehensive analysis of the situation from the International Agriculture and Trade Policy org.



 There are several reasons why farmers move out of soy production

in China. One important factor is that the market price

of imported soybeans is cheaper than that of domestic soy. A

complex mix of commodity programs, agricultural policies,

and pricing schemes in the United States and South America

keeps the market price of soybeans (and other agricultural

commodities) below the cost of production.


This is a well documented phenomenon that has led to unfair competition

and dumping on world markets for decades.78 When domestic

farmers are undercut by cheap imports, one immediate result

is that those farmers can no longer make a living from their

crops, and are often forced out. On top of this, the foreign irms

that control 80 percent of crushing and 60 percent of reining

in China have the ability to import soybeans from their own

production centers around the world at a price much cheaper

than what domestic soybeans can sell for. Read…

VLA comment: We can only hope that the China/Russian connection has a plan to give the USA its toxic karma back.  While China and Russia generally disallow GMO planting in their countries unfortunately they are importing cheap GMO grains from the USA which is flooding the domestic market and under cutting the domestic farmers,  I can only hope that China has plans for the USA and has the power, since it owns much of USA debt, to pull the rug out of our greedy political/agricultural sector.  I have always suggested that the implanting of alien lifeforms into the womb of mother earth would have its consequences some day in terms of a agricultural holocaust.  It has been my opinion that any good woman would have a spontaneous abortion having been implanted with alien life forms.


China stops domestic  GMO rice production

In a surprise U-turn, China’s Ministry of Agriculture has decided not to continue with a program which developed genetically-modified rice and corn.

“The production of GM corn has not received as much skepticism, as it is
mainly fed to livestock, according to Huang Jikun. Nevertheless, like rice,
it has also not had its license renewed.”  VLA comment:  Here is where the danger lies.  Like with Mexico who has banned GMO production, (apparently good news) USA exports GMO corn to Mexico because due to the USA price supports to our farmers, GMO corn sells for less than its actual production costs and thereby undermine any incentive to domestic corn.


Read more…

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