“Two of my former clients from large healthcare systems in different parts of the country reported that hospital administrators told them that the system had over 1,000 exemption requests; one said they had allowed only 4, the other allowed few or none”…ALAN PHILLIPS, JD.

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  1. Ingri

    Thanks for the post, Eileen. But there is more info. I received from the Advocacy directors which I will try and summarize tonight. Here is Susan’s comment and my response – “When I read this the first time, I thought you said that CMS reimburses the healthcare organizations if at least 90% of workers are given the seasonal flu vaccine, but when I read it again, I realized you said workers do not receive the vaccine. I’m having trouble understanding that part.”
    Fr me: “Yes, you are absolutely correct, Susan 🙂 He obviously mis-stated that in the email to me. However, his email to me was well thought out and I have emailed him a couple of times since and called him today so the intention was for it to say that 90% of HCWs in the facility must have proof of receiving the flu shot for Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement to the facility. I quoted him — a cut and paste — since I wanted to communicate accurately but obviously did not! LOL” This was quoted from an email I received from a nurse in Indiana explaining the push from hospitals to make sure their emplyees are vaccinated witht he flu shot.

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