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911 The Video Key: AMAZING from an indigo-Proof that the 911 planes were video composites

In the last video (rare new video find 2013) below, you will see that the plane’s wing, as it approaches the building, goes “behind” the building in the background…confirming that the video is graphically manipulated.

If this gets scrubbed from Youtube email us for a private link
An additional tantalizing bit of information is that the infamous Carlyle Group, which invests primarily in defense contractors, owns a company called Foundry, based in Britain. Foundry produces systems like AVID that are even more sophisticated in their applications About the Carlyle Group

Some people say they were at the site and saw the planes. Here is the explanation for that HOLOGRAM TECHNOLOGY
Watch carefully, especially the left wing.

All I have done is slow down this video, zoom in, and freeze some frames — I have not modified this footage in any other way.

Scientists who are experts in the holographic projection field and have viewed this footage say that there is no way that this could possibly be a real plane, but it is definitely a holographic projection, and that the mysterious disappearance of the left wing of the supposed “plane” was caused by part of the smoke plume getting in the way of the satellite-mounted holographic projector.

Bush administration officials have come up with a few lame excuses.

However, none of their excuses explain why the left wing clearly disappears before impact, while the right wing remains visible until it supposedly enters the building.

Take careful note that there is an explosion to the left of the supposed “fuselage” that occurs where the left wing would have been, but there is no left wing entering the building at all because there was no plane — it was a US military missile, poorly disguised using holographic technology.

Time to change you world view video

Chinese Kuan Yin Dance performance: Beautiful and brilliant

Thousand Hand Guan Yin was a dance created by Chinese choreographer Zhang Jigang. This dance was performed by 63 deaf dancers of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe. Because they could not hear the music, there were 6 directors in white cloths helping them synchronizing with the music. This dance described the legend that Bodhisattva Guan Yin has one thousand hands. Bodhisattva is a Proto-Buddha. She can not become a Buddha because she is still attached to this world. Her vow: If there is still a single drop of tear in this world, I will not become a Buddha

A Parent’s Guide: What to do if Your Child Dies After Vaccination

Conventional ‘wisdom’ claims vaccines are not harmful. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent this is not the case for all recipients. The information and tests discussed in this Guide can potentially help document vaccine damage, if parents and their attorneys secure pathologists who will perform those tests.

Guidelines to Autopsy Medical Tests

Parents Immediately Should Require an Autopsy That Includes Certain Tests

Geoengineering – Triggering the cataclysm/observing mass species extinction and forest decimation

Are you noticing huge temperature swings? 85 degrees one day and snowing three days later. Excellent short video that you will believe! Species extinction rate is over 100,000 times normal. Pelagic fish stocks (usual food species, such as tuna, etc) are 93% depleted. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. 200 species per day are becoming extinct. Geo engineering is the main cause of forest decimation. The heavy metals are killing the soil microorganisms leaving a clean slate for fungus. 70-80% of plant/animal extinction are fungal related. Fungalsinisitis – infecting all species including humans.

Davoud Tohidym Canadian civil engineer born in Iran takes action:
Facebook Lawsuit
Article about Mr. Tohidym
Geoengineering Watch article

SILENT CIRCLE: new encryption app set to revolutionize privacy and… freak out the Feds.

For the past few months, some of the world’s leading cryptographers have been keeping a closely guarded secret about a pioneering new invention. Today, they’ve decided it’s time to tell all.Until now, sending encrypted documents has been frustratingly difficult for anyone who isn’t a sophisticated technology user, requiring knowledge of how to use and install various kinds of specialist software. What Silent Circle has done is to remove these hurdles, essentially democratizing encryption. It’s a game-changer that will almost certainly make life easier and safer for journalists, dissidents, diplomats, and companies trying to evade state surveillance or corporate espionage. Governments pushing for more snooping powers, however, will not be pleased.  Read more…

COMMENT FROM VIEWER:  Had a brief look, this is nothing new.  This kind of encryption has been available for decades and silent circle just repackages it also giving them the opportunity to add in backdoors. In my experience, you will want to only use 100% open-source privacy and encryption tools.  all commercial products for which you do not own source-code can be compromised.   This is what i recommend and it’s a protocol not a product (understand the difference):

Off-the-Record Messaging, commonly referred to as OTR, is a cryptographic protocol that provides strong encryption for instant messaging conversations. OTR uses a combination of the AES symmetric-key algorithm, the Diffie–Hellman key exchange, and the SHA-1 hash function. In addition to authentication and encryption, OTR provides perfect forward secrecy and malleable encryption.

The most advanced encrypted network that i have seen is called WASTE:  There’s a reason you’ve probably never heard of it.  i think we need to make it more commonly used

Adderall XR – Sudden Death, Convulsions added to label


As reported by Wayne Kondro,1 Health Canada’s February 2005 decision to withdraw Adderall XR (a mixture of 4 amphetamine salts marketed by Shire Biochem for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders [ADHD]) was reversed in August by a 3-member New Drug Committee. Stronger labelling has been recommended, and sudden death, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident and convulsion will be added to the list of adverse drug reactions (instead).

This situation raises a number of disturbing questions. Read more…

New York Times: Drowning in a sea of prescriptions (2/2013)


Could this college student be one of the 10% Caucasians that is a non-metabolizer of psyche drugs? NYTimes article on his suicide

10% of Caucasians are missing the activity of a certain gene (cytochrome P450 2D6), which is the body’s detoxification channel for more than 50% of street drugs and prescription drugs. If you don’t have this channel you cannot metabolize many of the currently prescribed drugs and street drugs. These people become more and more psychotic under the treatment with psyche drugs and even pain relievers.  Children, infants don’t have this detox gene in full operation until the age of 26. This could be the cause of why suddenly in this epoch age of drugs so many kids are killing kids; why children  as young as 5 years old are hanging themselves on belts in their closets (real stories of homicide and suicides).  25% of American children are currently on psyche drugs.

NEW! STARTING IN-UTERO & INFANCY: The mandated vaccine toxic insult of 2 in-utero vaccines (flu shot with mercury) and the triple Tdap shot (in-utero) and 49 vaccine doses by the first grade can not possibly be detoxified by such an immature physiology such as found in infants and children.  This toxic vaccine assault on the immature physiology “appears” (emphasis added)  as symptoms of “mental illness” and is misdiagnosed as such as ADHD, Autism, OCD bipolar appearing as early as 2-3 years of age.  More egregious,  there are children on psyche drugs as young as 1 year old.

Physicians, encouraged by schools then prescribe drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, etc to these already toxic and disabled children.  Not only will those 10% of Caucasians who have this genetic variation (not defect)  become psychotic to the point of suicide and particularly heinous homicides such as mass school shootings causing this epidemic in adolescent suicides and homicides, but all children have immature Cytochrome P45o 2D6 functioning. Read about 2D6 (several posts ).

This incident involving the young man’s suicide could have been a homicide instead, like in Adam Lanza’s case of shooting 20 children in Sandy Hook, Conn.  There is a simple, effective test for Cytochrome P450 2D6.  Contact:

Why isn’t the scientific community demanding that all suicides and homicide perpetrators be tested for this Cytochrome function?  Why isn’t the scientific and academic communities demanding that this DNA test be given to all persons receiving psyche drug prescriptions prior to medication?   Why isn’t the test done when the patient is having an adverse reaction such as an increase in psychotic behavior?  Why isn’t this test required in autopsies in drug related crimes? Why?  Because the makers of the drugs would lose billions of dollars if the public knew…or even if the physician’s knew…which they generally don’t because continued education in pharmacogenetics in not required.  This is a high price for society to pay to fill deep pockets!
1) This inexpensive DNA test could be standard of care
2) All physicians should be required to update their education in the field of pharmacogenetics
3) This inexpensive DNA test should be required by law in autopsies were drugs are involved
4) He committed suicide as an inward stroke.  He could have committed homicide.
5) This is a huge issue for society in terms of mass shootings etc
6) 25% of American children (as young as 1 years old are on psyche drugs)
7) All of which have been vaccinated since birth approximately with 39-49 vaccine doses.
8) Currently, the recommendations are 2 vaccines in-utero plus 45 vaccines by six years old
9) The aberrant mandated children’s vaccine schedule and now the in-utero vaccines are causing the epidemic in neurogeneration misdiagnosed as “mental illness”.
10) The mental illness diagnosis is causing the prescribing by uneducated physicians of psyche drugs.
11)  The psyche drugs when not metabolized by Cytochrome P450 2D6 and the gene’s other channels cause the person to accumulate the mind altering drugs in their bodies, tending to commit particularly heinous crimes.
13)  More and more people are on anti depressants, anti psychotics, etc and become dangerous to themselves and others
14)  The more psychotic people, the more citizens need to find ways to protect themselves from each other.
15) We don’t need to restrict gun ownership.  We need to restrain the ambitions of the biopharmacuetical, medical cabal which includes the FDA, CDC, the non profit societies, the medical journals and uneducated physicians and psychiatrists who currently have a free hand and is disabling humanity right before our eyes.
16) Children as young as 5 year old are committing suicide.  Stories