Geoengineering – Triggering the cataclysm/observing mass species extinction and forest decimation

Are you noticing huge temperature swings? 85 degrees one day and snowing three days later. Excellent short video that you will believe! Species extinction rate is over 100,000 times normal. Pelagic fish stocks (usual food species, such as tuna, etc) are 93% depleted. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction. 200 species per day are becoming extinct. Geo engineering is the main cause of forest decimation. The heavy metals are killing the soil microorganisms leaving a clean slate for fungus. 70-80% of plant/animal extinction are fungal related. Fungalsinisitis – infecting all species including humans.

Davoud Tohidym Canadian civil engineer born in Iran takes action:
Facebook Lawsuit
Article about Mr. Tohidym
Geoengineering Watch article

5 thoughts on “Geoengineering – Triggering the cataclysm/observing mass species extinction and forest decimation

  1. Sallie O. Elkordy

    Thank you for this interview. The man being interviewed is definitely Dane Wigington and I believe the man who is interviewing him, and is affiliated with Global Skywatch, is Russell Tanner. This was not mentioned in the interview. “Loosing 200 species a DAY!!!”

  2. Sperry Andrews

    The addiction to causing fear and suffering by those who can only feel by causing harm, and claiming power over others. The Iron Mountain Report deciding ongoing war was an essential element to effectively control the mind of the masses. As “they” lose their grip, I sense something like the scorched earth policy of the 3rd Reich when the end was near. Only today the power to do harm is so much greater, and so many more are consumed with hatred about losing control. Do You imagine the Obama administration – that is perpetrating so much suffering worldwide – will be swayed ?

    During a near death experience at 4, I was every thing, every one and no thing – indivisibility – as formless consciousness. Ever since I´ve been finding ways nature has gifted us to bring about a mass awakening. As an experiential scientist, artist, healer and educator, I explore with others how to ensure conscious awareness is socially accessible to all people in the shortest amount of time. I´d love to know your deepest feelings and thoughts about how we can work together to bring about collective intelligence.

  3. Jenny Goddard

    Hi Sperry, I agree with you that we need to work together to bring about the collective intelligence, we need to set up in Church halls, or town Halls and give video and information like the above to make people aware.
    We need to get a group of like minded people to organise something like this to get the info out.

  4. Joe Lawler

    Like minded people can be found in mass at and while there, do not miss the documented movie and the trailer. Critical mass is underway!!

  5. Weather Modification

    I don’t get it. People deny chemtrails and yet geoengineering is a fact and the technology has been in use for at least 40 years now. The sky is no longer deep blue like I remember even on a clear day and there are always strange rainbows in the clouds when the sun is behind them. The evidence is everywhere. The question is why are they doing this? I feel like if it was to benefit humanity, it wouldn’t be kept secret.

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