Phoenix Children’s Hospital Seizes 8 Year Old Boy – Another Medical Kidnapping:

Another Medical Kidnapping: Phoenix Children’s Hospital Seizes 8 Year Old Boy Because Mother Seeks Second Opinion 


Tonya Brown is “just a mom who is in love with her kid,” adorable 8-year-old Christopher Reign Brown. Because Tonya questioned a very risky, painful procedure for her son, Tonya reports that his doctor at Phoenix Children’s Hospital enlisted Child Protective Services to take him away from her custody. Read more…


Medical professionals taking children away from parents over disagreements on conventional cancer treatments are, sadly, not new stories in the U.S. Last we reported on the case of 10-year-old Sarah Hershberger in Ohio who was suffering from leukemia. She was getting worse on chemotherapy, and begged her parents to take her off of the drugs that she and her parents believed were killing her. When the state awarded custody of her to a nurse who was an employee of the hospital, the parents took her out of the country where she received alternative treatments, and recovered.

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