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10 Futuristic Weapons That Will Change Modern Warfare




A Canadian firm has developed “adaptive camouflage” that bends light around the wearer of the material. It has reportedly been demonstrated to both the U.S and Canadian Military and the applications are endless. For frontline infantry, counter insurgency operations or ejected fighter pilots in enemy territory, an invisibility cloak would prove unbelievably handy. Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp, the makers of Quantum Stealth, remain extremely secretive of their product. No pictures released can display the product, just examples of it’s use.

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Supreme Court: US Govt Agency loses case that fined raisin farmer $680,000 for selling his own raisins

Uncle Sam Fined This Farmer $680,000 For Selling HIS OWN Raisins — And The Supreme Court Just Issue A Major Ruling.

The federal government can no longer tell family farmers how many raisins to grow and sell, the US Supreme Court ruled Monday in a case in which one farmer was fined $680,000 simply because he refused to obey the government’s orders.  It has been in court for 15 years.  Read more…



US & UK Banks “legally” own your bank deposits (Most excellent presentation…must watch)

VLA Comment:When you put your money in the bank you have legally transferred your deposit to the bank and you have become the “creditor”. The bank is the “debtor”. The bank owes you the money. When you demand payment the bank is obligated to give you your money back. However, if the bank becomes insolvent prior to your taking your money out of the bank, they will not have to give you your money back if they have become insolvent.

With severe systemic disruption and efforts to protect vital economic functions….the general public, as “unsecured crditors” will not be paid back. Regarding the FDIC insurance: If there is a systemic collapse, the US with its own trillions of dollars worth of \ debt, will not have the funds to cover your deposit.

Polio Vaccine-itself – a global threat and the cause of today’s epidemic of Cancer


After almost sixty years of silence and a federally sanctioned cover up, the CDC finally admitted several years ago that the Salk and Sabin vaccines indeed were contaminated with the carcinogenic SV40 monkey virus. [10] Among the unwanted genetic material that might be found in vaccines today are:  cancer-causing oncogenes, bird leukemia virus, equine arthritic virus, prions (a protein responsible for Mad Cow Disease and other life threatening illnesses), enzyme reverse transcriptase (a biological marker associated with HIV infection), and a multitude of extraneous DNA fragments and contaminates that escape filtration during vaccine preparation. [11]  Read more….