Electronic Records: IMMUNIZATION INFORMATION SYSTEMS (IIS) Who has access?


Thank you for your inquiry. Your question refers to access to a single immunization information system (IIS), however the U.S. Government does not operate or maintain a single nationwide IIS.  IIS are developed, operated and maintained at the state, city, and local level within the U.S.  IIS do provide information to a wide range of stakeholders, including public and private care providers, public health programs, emergency responders, and many others. The specifics of which entities or users are authorized are regulated by state and local law or policy and can vary.  CDC’s functional standards for IIS maintain that they must safeguard the integrity, security, and privacy of the data in their systems, and therefore CDC promotes that IIS maintain the highest standards of privacy and accountability regarding the storage and release of sensitive personal information.

VAERS Events Reporting System

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