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Belgium boy (1 year old) dies 2 days after 2 multiple dose vaccines

VLA comment:  We have translated this into English from the French:

BELGIË: Weinig jongen (een jaar) overleden na ontvangst van 7 vaccins (2 injecties)


The Parquet (Magistrates) of Ypres began an investigation into the suspicious death of the little Milow, (one year) , from Westrozebeke (West Flanders) . A month after his death , there is still no definitive explanation on the cause of death . Parents suspect that the boy died as a result of the vaccinations he received two days earlier . “Two injections of seven vaccines. Not all children who can endure such a cocktail , “says Dad. ***  Finlay, the mom*** had noticed that the boy did not move. “I wanted to bring him a fruit bread soup , but he was not moving in his little bed. I noticed he was all blue . “. The father immediately called the emergency services . The little boy could be revived for three quarters of an hour , but in Roeselare Hospital doctors have done anything other than confirming death .


An emergency physician spoke **** of a suspicious death. Police and prosecution have finally concerted, a search was conducted at the young parents’home. An autopsy was also performed. “Initially they spoke of a « sudden infant death,” said Lieve, the grandmother of the little boy. But the emergency doctor made me understand that the death of Milow should not be attributed to « sudden infant death syndrome », but to a severe influenza infection with febrile seizures. ”   Two days before his death the small Milow was consulting in “Child and Family”. It was during this visit that Milow received two injections. For a month, the parents and the grandmother are living with the presumption that the injections the boy has received are the cause of his death. “We ask a lot of questions about how vaccines are administered. In less than five minutes, our little boy received two injections that included a total of seven vaccines. Such cocktail is huge. All children can not withstand such treatment. The morning after the vaccine administration, Milow immediately began to run a fever. The next day, his health seemed to improve, but at noon he was dead.   The Ypres Parquet said they understand the views of parents. The vaccine track is also subject to investigation. But the Parquet’s spokesman Johan Lescrauwaet said that currently no track can be excluded.



There was a gasp in the courtroom as the decision from the four-man, eight-woman jury came down. People in the courtroom’s gallery started to cry and Collet Stephan broke out sobbing uncontrollably while her husband and others rubbed her back.

VLA COMMENT (Dee Nicholson):

Before you judge these people, you should know the whole story, not the select tidbits chosen by media, but the whole story.  The family had a lot more going for this child’s treatment than “garlic and onions” as this column is quick to point out.   And they did a lot more in trying to find out what was going on with Ezekiel than what we are hearing.  Ezekiel would improve and then sicken again, but appeared to be improving when he stopped breathing, at which point the parent’s leaped into action.

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VLA Comment:  This is just another way the pharmacuetical/Medical Cabal will frighten  all parents… by convicting these amazing  loving, caring parents as murderers.  The cabal are using, and will continue to use,  these type of alternative medical parents as examples so that other parents are frightened into submitting to a system that is getting away with killing children with ineptness, poisoning chemicals, negligence and willful misconduct but are not taken to task as being liable.  Sudden Infant Death Sydrome, Shaken Baby Syndrome are examples how innocent parents are imprisoned and persecuted but yet when the medical system fails to save a life..that’s okay!

Dog Microchipping Now Legal Requirement in UK


Dog owners throughout the UK are now legally required to have their pets microchipped, or else face a fine of up to £500.

Image Credit: Dominik QN (Flickr)

All dogs in England, Scotland and Wales must have the chip by the time they are 8 weeks old. Northern Ireland has had the law in place since 2013.

If local authorities discover a dog who has not been microchipped, the owner has 21 days to comply with the law or be fined.

It is believed that one million dogs in the UK are not currently microchipped.


Microchipping dogs journal 28 Pages of information



Scientific studies involving mice and rats show that test animals have developed aggressive and lethal microchip-induced cancerous growths. Scientific reports also show that chipped zoo animals have developed microchip-associated cancerous growths.  Medical reports and scientific studies also reveal that dogs and cats have developed aggressive cancerous growths at the site of their microchip implants.


USDA: Wiping out Lyme disease carrying ticks with natural fungi and nematodes


Aolores Hill, parasitologist for USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, collects the blood-sucking ticks as part of a 5-year project to biologically control the pests with microscopic roundworms, called nematodes.

Hill’s goal is to formulate the worms into a product that could be sprayed in residential areas, like backyards, where homeowners can be bitten by ticks infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. In 1996, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, received more than 16,000 reports of the tickborne disease. Ninety percent came from the northeastern United States, where I. scapularis is most prevalent.

Her top tick-fighting recruits include nine strains of the nematode species Steinernema and four strains of Heterorhabditis. Both are well known to science, she says. While harmless to higher vertebrates (humans and livestock, for instance), the nematodes are renowned for attacking many insects pests.  Read more…

Additional article...University of Vermont Extension


VLA COMMENT:  the infectious tick came about in Plum Island, a high security bioweapon lab off the coast of Lyme, Connecticut and East Hampton, New York.  The mission was to weaponize vector insects such as mosquitos and ticks.  Lyme Disease is a plague and is killing and disabling thousands and thousand of people across America and europe including children and dogs.


A most important documentary to watch for $9.99 is UNDER OUR SKIN Additionally under the same cost is an update.

Lead in Flint, Michigan Water VS. Mercury & Aluminum in Vaccines

What Are the Similarities and Differences Between Lead in Flint’s Water and Mercury and Aluminum in Vaccines?

Lead-682x480 vaccine3

Flint, Michigan’s water crisis has grown legs to the point where criminal charges are being filed. Those charges result from a period of about only two years of Flint’s residents being poisoned by lead in their municipal water supply.


Vaccines, which have contained ethylmercury in the form of Thimerosal and aluminum in as many as four formulations—all being neurotoxins—for decades, undoubtedly causing adverse health reactions, especially since the CDC’s VAERS reporting system contains hundreds of thousands of adverse reports, plus the U.S. Court of Federal Claims has paid out in excess of $3.3 BILLION [1] to date for vaccine damages. Why, if vaccines are supposed to be safe?

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Pharmacogenetics ABSTRACT: Cytochrome P450, Suicides & Homicides


Adverse drug reactions and interactions are among the major causes of death in the United States. Antidepressants have been reported as causing suicide and homicide and share the class attribute of frequently producing akathisia, a state of severe restlessness associated with thoughts of death and violence. Medical examiners can now identify some pharmacogenetic interactions that cause drugs, deemed safe for most, to be lethal to others.

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VLA Comment:  10% of Caucasians do not have the activity of Cytochrome P459 and therefore cannot metabolize vaccines nor over 50% of drugs…it causes suicides, homicides including the bizarre school shootings.  See link, What is making our kids and soldiers psychotic