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Belgium boy (1 year old) dies 2 days after 2 multiple dose vaccines

VLA comment:  We have translated this into English from the French:

BELGIË: Weinig jongen (een jaar) overleden na ontvangst van 7 vaccins (2 injecties)


The Parquet (Magistrates) of Ypres began an investigation into the suspicious death of the little Milow, (one year) , from Westrozebeke (West Flanders) . A month after his death , there is still no definitive explanation on the cause of death . Parents suspect that the boy died as a result of the vaccinations he received two days earlier . “Two injections of seven vaccines. Not all children who can endure such a cocktail , “says Dad. ***  Finlay, the mom*** had noticed that the boy did not move. “I wanted to bring him a fruit bread soup , but he was not moving in his little bed. I noticed he was all blue . “. The father immediately called the emergency services . The little boy could be revived for three quarters of an hour , but in Roeselare Hospital doctors have done anything other than confirming death .


An emergency physician spoke **** of a suspicious death. Police and prosecution have finally concerted, a search was conducted at the young parents’home. An autopsy was also performed. “Initially they spoke of a « sudden infant death,” said Lieve, the grandmother of the little boy. But the emergency doctor made me understand that the death of Milow should not be attributed to « sudden infant death syndrome », but to a severe influenza infection with febrile seizures. ”   Two days before his death the small Milow was consulting in “Child and Family”. It was during this visit that Milow received two injections. For a month, the parents and the grandmother are living with the presumption that the injections the boy has received are the cause of his death. “We ask a lot of questions about how vaccines are administered. In less than five minutes, our little boy received two injections that included a total of seven vaccines. Such cocktail is huge. All children can not withstand such treatment. The morning after the vaccine administration, Milow immediately began to run a fever. The next day, his health seemed to improve, but at noon he was dead.   The Ypres Parquet said they understand the views of parents. The vaccine track is also subject to investigation. But the Parquet’s spokesman Johan Lescrauwaet said that currently no track can be excluded.