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Journal publication: Human Exposure to Aluminum (Exley)

Environmental Science Processes & Impacts

Human Exposure to Aluminium Exley


Pharmacogenomics: Suppressive effect of accumulated aluminum trichloride on the hepatic microsomal cytochrome P450 enzyme system in rats.

Poland: Massive public demonstration against vaccine mandates

: Poland Takes To Streets To Fight Mandatory Vaccines…What Does This Mean For America?

Back in March, the BBC reported that Poland was one of a few countries “suffering” from measles epidemics. Last week, the people of Poland took to the streets to fight the powers that are attempting to subjugate them medically. If you are an American, it is important to understand that although we are behind Europe in the battle, we are following their path. We can learn a lot from them and their fight. Start fighting the ruling class now on all rights so that the slope doesn’t get too slippery. Because at some point, it will be too late.



911 FATHER SEEKS JUSTICE (exposing the 911 Commission LIE)

It is ridiculous to believe the established hoax as to the 911 commission report. How stupid do they think we are when it is obvious that the buildings were demolished on purpose, melted steel and all. Trump knows this.


Ask your rep to introduce the Bobby McIlvaine Act, which establishes a select committee to reinvestigate the WTC destruction.

Find the D.C. office number (HERE) by going to and entering your zip or scrolling through the list.