Breaking News: GMO ‘Suicide Seeds’ (The terminator/exorcist technology) On Edge of Approval in Brazil

brazil_terminator(2)After promising on World Food Day (October 16) to block legislation that would legalize the planting of Terminator seeds in Brazil, the country’s Judicial Commission is set to approve suicide seeds as a Christmas gift to Monsanto, DuPont and Syngenta. Intense internal and external pressure in mid-October forced the Brazilian Congress to pull back from adopting pro-Terminator legislation, and the Judicial Commission’s Chair pledged never to allow legislation while at his post. Now, the same chair will entertain a motion Wednesday to accept Terminator seeds, making Brazil the first country in the world to defy a 13-year-old UN moratorium on the use of the technology. Read more…

VLA comment:  The USDA co-owns the terminator technology patent.  It is known as the terminator or exorcist.  What audacity to even name them such a blatant evil…perhaps…because they are!   The question I have.  “Will the terminator technology that removes the plant’s ability to reproduce so as to make it easier to sell to farmers without having to enforce written contracts not to plant, terminate nature’s reproductivity of natural, heritage seeds, by accident?”  And further note of interest is the term Suicide Seeds.  It is the same industry (Biotech/pharma) that brings us the drugs that causes suicidal ideation. Suicide for plants and humanity.  So, if you don’t go insane from the drugs…you can starve to death!

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