Breaking News: NYC-Parents lose-flu vaccine now mandated for pre school children

Baby-VaccineNEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Children who go to preschool or day care in New York City will now be required to get flu shots. Despite organized opposition of parents, the Board of Health voted unanimously Wednesday in favor of the mandatory vaccine for children under 6 years old. The new rule takes effect in 30 days and will be required for about 150,000 children. Read more…

It is recommended that you apply for a religious exemption (not a philosophical exemption).

For expert help in applying for a religious exemption contact attorney Alan Philips:

VLA comment:  First of all, this is another example of how the establishment blows off the people.  Sallie Elkordy led a well organized fight to prevent this from happening but the establishment doesn’t care what we think even if we have a million man walk. I would like to know how many kids in the past ten years per pre school class died of the flu that would warrant this. In other words, no proof, no science, no statistics that warrant this except that the government gets nearly $1.00 (paid by the consumer) to its coffers every time a vaccine is given.  I would like to see how many people died from flu/pneumonia in the hospitals all these years and compare them with the patients now who are under the care of vaccinated health professionals.  Having pushed HEALTHCARE WORKERS  into accepting the flu shot, the establishment now recommends that healthcare workers get 6 vaccines of multiple vaccines  (up to 16 doses). For expert help in resisting vaccine mandates for healthcare workers contact attorney Alan Philips:




6 thoughts on “Breaking News: NYC-Parents lose-flu vaccine now mandated for pre school children

  1. Clark Baker

    To qualify for federal funding that keeps these incompetent health department functionaries employed, parents are forced to inject their children with products made by the developers of ObamaCare… Wouldn’t it be easier of these bureaucrats lobbed grenades into classrooms?

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  3. Malik

    The illusion of a free country is starting to fade even quicker. When someone can tell you that you have no say-so in what gets put into your children’s bodies, what will they force on people next?

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