Lyme Disease: Biowarfare, Eugenocide, Pharmagedon!

CDC-Created Epidemic Now Spreading Down East Coast of U.S.

Doctors Prevented from Treating Patients by Biowarfare Arm of the CDC’s quasi military Epidemic Intelligence Service.  Read Public Health Alert…


2 thoughts on “Lyme Disease: Biowarfare, Eugenocide, Pharmagedon!

  1. Mythoughtsalone

    Does this surprise me, not in the least, I have done the research and found the experiments listed over the many years conducted on the general public, the USA is not the only country either, The United Kingdom has all so carried experiments on the general public over many years, all well documented, and this is saying nothing about vaccinations and the general drugging down of people via pharma drugs, and I should also mention the constant air spraying from planes, all year round over almost all countries.
    Connecting the dots, I need to point out that in the UK at a Government Lab in Pirbright, Surrey England, a bacteria escaped (?) and spread across all the Surrey farms, foot and mouth, wipping out thousands of cattle..No one was held responsible.

  2. Sue

    Yes, Lyme is very common in the UK but the mainstream GP’s don’t appear to acknowledge this.

    When I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, I was told it was now spreading fast down the south east coast and the area I lived in at the time. I reasoned that it may have somehow come across from France but I suspect it may be another experiment. The way the doctors aggressively deny its existence is a big give away. Have we no right to know or any redress for all the suffering they have caused?

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