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Lyme Disease: Bioweapon created on PLUM ISLAND, Long Island Ny

There are woollier claims about what’s been going on at t
secretive bioweapons laboratory on Plum Island for the past 60
years but I’ll cover those at another time, so as not to taint
the pristine chain of evidence presented here that establishes
the origins of the modern day Lyme disease epidemic in the US.

If you look on a map at the distribution of Lyme disease,
you’ll find that the epidemiological “bullseye” is Plum Island, an 840-
acre glacial moraine off the northeastern tip of Long Island,
New York and just 9 miles from the Connecticut shore. Since
1956, Plum Island has been the site of a secretive USDA Animal
Disease Center that is off-limits to the public.


Lyme disease–carrying ticks are now in half of all U.S. counties

The ticks that transmit Lyme disease, a debilitating flulike illness caused by Borrelia bacteria, are spreading rapidly across the United States. A new study shows just how rapidly. Over the past 20 years, the two species known to spread the disease to humans have together advanced into half of all the counties in the United States.

Lyme disease cases have tripled in the United States over the last 2 decades, making it the most commonly reported vector-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. The disease now affects around 300,000 Americans each year. If diagnosed early—a rash commonly appears around the site of the tick bite—Lyme can be effectively treated with antibiotics, but longer term infections can produce more serious symptoms, including joint stiffness, brain inflammation, and nerve pain.


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Lyme Disease: Mice transmitters of Lyme-major epidemic 2017

White-footed mice are efficient transmitters of Lyme disease in the Northeast. They infect up to 95 percent of the ticks that feed on them. But it’s people who create the conditions for Lyme outbreaks by building homes in the animals’ habitat. Mice are responsible for infecting the majority of ticks carrying Lyme in the Northeast. And ticks love mice. “An individual mouse might have 50, 60, even 100 ticks covering its ears and face,” Ostfeld says.  Read more…

VLA Comment: So it wasn’t the deer!  This lyme plague is from the US experimenting in their high security laboratories in an attempt to bioweaponize insects on Plum Island in New York.  For the cure….go to LYMEPHOTOS.COM.

Lyme Disease Cure…The problem of “biofilm” why antibiotics don’t work

Biofilm is a slimy and gluey substance that Borrelia Burgdorferi generates to shield itself from antibiotics and the immune system. Borrelia can also hide in other microbial’s biofilm and vice versa.  Fibrin, a protein our bodies create for blot clotting, is the basic building material used for generating a biofilm. A biofilm is designed to adhere to human tissue where damage to the tissue and inflammation occur.

Within the biofilm, Borrelia is capable of talking with its own species or other bacteria and carrying out offensive actions. Borrelia can also receive and swap genetic information such as drug resistant genes. Its reproduction cycle, given that it’s every few weeks, can yield drug resistant strains in only a few generations. This could explain why years of antibiotics can’t rid the infection.

A biofilm also houses Borrelia in cyst form and co-infections such as Mycoplasma.



In UNDER OUR SKIN AND ITS UPDATE “EMERGENCE” DOCUMENTARY  (MUST WATCH) Dr. Alan MacDonald first discovered that the microorganisms that cause Lyme disease can exist in colonies of bacterial biofilms. This theory is now widely accepted and explains why the bacteria are difficult to diagnose and can persist after treatment,

holistic biofilm dissolvers FOUND IN THE “EARTHWORM”

  • Serrapeptase  – Serrapeptase is an enzyme produced by serratia bacteria in the intestines of silkworms.  The enzyme only dissolves dead or damaged tissue such as Fibrin, the building blocks for Biofilm.  Once the enzyme dissolves the fibrin, Borrelia is exposed to antibiotics and the immune system.  BUY HERE
  • Lumbrokinase – Lumbrokinase is an enzyme produced by earthworms.  It is commonly used for breaking up biofilm by dissolving the fibrin that it consists of.  Lumbrokinase is said to be more powerful than Nattokinase. BUY HERE
  • Nattokinase – Nattokinase is an enzyme produced from Natto, a Japanese food made from fermented soybeans.  It is commonly used for breaking up Biofilm by dissolving the fibrin it consists of.


NOTE from VLA:  The Salt Cure alone (see: www.LymePhotos.com)  has cured myself and many of my friends, as salt dissolves the biofilm.  But in my opinion, it wouldn’t hurt of add a biofilm dissolver.  I haven’t tried adding an additional biofilm dissolver it since I no longer have Lyme by doing the salt cure for 3- 6 months depending on how long you have had lyme.  Basically the salt cure is 4 grams of salt (Consolidated Manufacturer-Amazon), 4 grams of a Vitamin C.

Take this amount 3 times a day.


Lyme Disease – Bioweapon and cure

Excerpt from posts: Following is how we have alleviated many of the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Tea: Burdock Root, Marshamallow, Rose Hips, Dandylion Root, Bitter Wormwood. Sea Weed: 207-565-2907, Citricare 800-622-8664. Immusist 888-702-3315.

VLA comment:  For those who are not the new age generation, you may be turned off with his alluding to Crystal and Indigo children. And that he calls it Lymes disease instead of Lyme. (So what!) However, he is right about Lyme disease being a bioweapon.  And I certainly would add his protocol to yours. And hopefully yours is the SALT CURE.  Most importantly, I have facilitated, many times,  the cure for Lyme disease by the Salt Cure.  See:  www.LymePhotos.com I recommend you watch UNDER OUR SKIN to see how pervasive this epidemic really is:

Lyme Disease: The Plague, denied!


I’m 24 and Have Lived with Lyme Disease for 16 Years


Allie Cashel at age 7, when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease for the first time. (Photo courtesy of Allie Cashel)




Allie Cashel is the cofounder of sufferingthesilence.com, an online community for people living with chronic disease.

VLA Comment:  Riveting story

I have cured Lyme Disease and the numerous entities associated with it with one easy cure.  It is called the “Salt Cure”.  Salt has always been a revered element.  With this cure the body become infused with salt.  These bioweapon entities can not live in salt.  And since the salt pervades all the tissues, they can’t hide either.  Anti biotics not only don’t work and suppress the symptoms but it radically disturbs the gut microbiome which leads to a host of immunological diseases.  Go to:  www.LymePhotos.com


Lyme Disease: Biowarfare, Eugenocide, Pharmagedon!

CDC-Created Epidemic Now Spreading Down East Coast of U.S.

Doctors Prevented from Treating Patients by Biowarfare Arm of the CDC’s quasi military Epidemic Intelligence Service.  Read Public Health Alert…