3 thoughts on “Ukraine is Disintegrating-Poland, Hungary, Russia will share the spoils

  1. stephen storch

    wtf is this guy talking about? the ukraine is not part of NATO; the ukraine is full of nazis, or what? what he says makes sense, but not that part… do not understand…. missing parts… skewed information; don’t ya think?

  2. Clint

    It is time to talk about the real agenda… and this is not at all hard to verify!

    I had heard that Russia was fighting aJn anti-white Russian, Jewish-backed (Nazi) uprising in Ukraine. This interview and info seems to tell the story. The interview is from 2017, and is basically the plan of relocation of overpopulated, educated Jews from Israel to Crimea and other parts of Ukraine. Apparently it’s been in the works for a while. So either Russia is against this or for it, but either way the Zionist and whatever other powers seem to be trying to create a long-planned, perhaps even Biblical New (Heavenly/Celestial) Jerusalem (from Revelations) in Ukraine, and so the resettlement and buffer zone is being created just like it was when Israel was invented in Palestine. I would imagine, due to history, that the US and most other western allies are behind this, and that this explains the billions being given to Ukraine arbitrarily by the US just as it funds Israel in the Billions each year, so as to build new (heavenly) Jerusalem from Ukraine. The Russians remaining in Ukraine are very much like the Muslims remaining in Palestine, and must be removed so the Jews can move in, the Russian language and culture annihilated.

    This makes a lot of sense as an outline for what we are seeing play out.

    Notice they called this article below a satire even though the interview reveal’s the same plans. Worst of all, it all makes very good sense, nothing odd or strange about it, just as the Zionists tricked the Jews into relocating to Palestine. They need a new base of operations for all the young college graduates, and Ukraine is being sacrificed just like Palestine to become the new Israeli technological center of the world. Anything that reveals their plans is always labeled as a hoax or satire. Same old trickery.

    So either Putin is fighting this or is supporting this, I am not really sure in the grand scheme of things, but it sounds like Russia is fighting it. Our news is so skewed there is no actual info told to us, but in Russia they are very forward about their intentions.


    Must watch this interview!!!

    More considerations…

    Just like the delusions of the 7-day war in Palestine, God is of course on their side…

    Ukrainians Experience Divine Interventions And Miracles During Deadly Russian Invasion | FaithPot

    In Ukraine… “Even the right wing Svoboda (Neo Nazi) party has condemned anti-semitism, and are focusing their Nazi anger towards pro-Russian groups.”

    So what is Russia fighting? I think I nailed it in my expose here:


    I would sure appreciate if more details on this if anyone has them.


  3. Editor Post author

    It is not part of NATO…but is a wanna be. Turns out the the troops/militia in Ukraine has been taught warfare for years by NATO. Why has NATO focused on readying Ukraine troops all these years?

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