2 thoughts on “Dr. Becker (VET): California bill-legislating too early rabies vaccines for dogs-bad precedent

  1. me2

    I have just been through the dog & rabies show in Newcastle, Wy. courts.
    From all research I amassed, Canine Rabies was declared extinct, Nationwide, in 2007. According to Wy State Vet, Public Health and epidemiology Dept., The Head of the multi-state rabies testing lab, and U.S.D.A. veterinary Lab.,who regulates the vaccines, “Other strains of Rabies are species specific and do not establish outside that species”
    Nationwide,there are 1 or 2 cases of Human rabies contraction yearly, usually from bats. There has not been a human case in the 15 yr. + tenure of the Head of the Wy.,Mt., Co.,N.D,S.D. testing facility.
    Strain of Rabies currently used in vaccines is protected under confidential business information, Executive Order 12,600, circa 6/23/87. ONLY U.S.D.A. has access to strains used. My concern that was presented to ALL agencies contacted was,……. 1. If Canine Rabies is extinct. That vaccine strain is redundant,and over vaccinating increases adverse reactions, that vets aren’t reporting. 2. If they are using another strain, ie; bat, skunk, fox. coyote, raccoon,synthetic, GMO, all it would take is 1 accidental, or “otherwise”, release of a live, modified, or mis-stepped process to unleash a NEW strain that could establish between species. WHAT THEN?
    This scenario is a very real possibility considering the # of vaccine recalls due to live virus and or other problems. These are not publicized.
    What of the experimental dumping of 1 1/2 million pkts. of fish coated ORAL Rabies Vaccine over Texas, for multi-species consumption?
    With the amt. of money being funneled into the Pharmaceutical Industry, the vet offices, and “powerful veterinary lobby” You can be sure the fear factor will be employed at every opportunity and when the NEW STRAIN makes it’s appearance, it will originate out of a LAB., but they will be screaming OH MY GOD, be afraid, be very afraid it naturally MUTATED…. Bovine Scat!!!!!!!
    I’d bet my last functioning brain cell the NEW strain will be making it’s appearance in our very near future. Watch Texas.

  2. Jeffrey

    OK, Et two?

    What a terrifying new vista you present. Can I go back a ways first, please. Where are we with the whole vaccine paradigm? Is there any incontrovertible evidence that any vaccine actually confers genuine immunity to anything. Are, seemingly, impeccably qualified, witheringly bright researchers like Dr. Viera Scheibnerova correct that the whole paradigm is bogus? If that is the case where does that leave us with pets? Are veterinarians to our pets what pediatricians are to our children? Is their education as devoid of science as that of an MD? Are vets going to intentionally infect our pets with chronic diseases for profit like pediatricians surely seem to be doing to our children?

    Are our pets too stupid to fetch because of mercury in vaccines? Mercury is good for dogs?

    If we eradicate a disease (Yeah. Sure)I guess this means we will have to keep getting the vaccine?

    Ummmm…40% of California dogs are not vaccinated, according to Dr. Dobbs. “They threaten us all.” Just how does that work? Herd immunity? If your dog gets vaccinated for rabies it is immune until it runs into a lost dog with rabies which gives it to your dog? I thought that herd immunity had also been demonstrated to be bogus. Maybe the cases of nonexistent rabies are hiding among these lost dogs?

    I guess I’m really not clear on any of this stuff.

    Please help!


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