Baby Dies after Routine Vaccination for Hep B, Polio, and DPT & more…

baby-300x225A one month old baby whose parents warned doctors that she was ill and had a cough, has died within hours of receiving routine vaccination for Hepatitis B, DPT and oral polio after doctors decided to proceed with immunization anyway. Read more…


If you’ve ever doubted whether many pediatricians are really just drug reps wearing white coats, you won’t anymore after reading this story.


Baby Stacy and her twin sister Lesly were born one month premature by C-Section.  Stacy needed to be resuscitated after birth and she and her sister spent four days in an incubator.

Stacy’s parents, who live in Belgium, decided to follow the advice of their doctor in December 2011 and have the babies vaccinated at 8 weeks old.  Both babies were living at home by that time and were doing well.


On the day of the vaccinations, Stacy had a cold and was not feeling well.   Stacy’s parents were told not to worry and that vaccinating a sick child would be safe.  There is also a history of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and allergies in the family, but it is not clear whether the doctor even bothered to ask about this.  Read story…

4 thoughts on “Baby Dies after Routine Vaccination for Hep B, Polio, and DPT & more…

  1. Vatic Master

    This is outrageous! These doctors will not stop until one of them is prosecuted for first degree felony death penalty murder. That is where we obviously have to go with this. Any suggestions on how we start the process? Should we identify prosecutors in the area and petition all over the country to prosecute these felons? Murder is murder and it has to stop. We must get off our duff and do something about it. DEPOPULATION will be natural and not forced by totally insane psychopaths. Sorry, but this just made me so mad.

  2. Allison

    Reading stories like this confirm my beliefs that my daughter was damaged by vaccination. It is not as rare as many might think.

  3. harley hooch

    Homeschool your kids and keep them out of this system. It is total insanity to give them these mercury laden vaccines. Wake Up Mothers And Protect Your Babies.

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