3 thoughts on “HORRIFYING NEWS (8 minutes)

  1. Editor Post author

    of course…censorship…we are in deep trouble. The horrifying news is that the vaccine not only creates clots on the gross level, like the brain, heart etc. but on the capillary level where the spike protein “spikes” are put nano holes in the smallest of vessels and the magnificent intelligence of the body
    automatically seeks to heal the wound by creating a blood clot. And this is happening all over the body. I will see if I can find the MD who is saying this.

  2. ProfGriff

    Dr. Charles Hoffe is a GP MD in Lytton, southern British Columbia, Canada who raised the alarm bells when he noticed a high number of bad (or fatal) reactions to the Covid vaccine among his patients. For this he was investigated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC for not following the approved dialog. He is apparently still licensed to practice, but since the town of Lytton, BC burned to the ground recently (literally) he’s probably not seeing many patients these days.

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