2 thoughts on “Spanish, English,Dutch, Italian, French BEST VACCINE INFO WEBSITE

  1. mark s. wilson

    sounds like an absolute bunch of bull —-!! I love the way you use a man with a mysterious strange accent that pronounces cappillarys wrong in order to add to credabilty . If what he is saying is true should there be a lot more people dropping like flys by now. so far even with covid 19 there has only been a few more deaths than what everyone in the world died of in 1970. Anyone have any proof of the bull——-!!~! that they are slinging everywhere. cause if they don’t they just need to shut the —— up and stop making themselves and the human race look so effing stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Editor Post author

    Take it easy….we only have to wait a little while to see if it is true. But the establishment will disconnect the horror from the vaccine as not temporally connected..as probably you will, too. You probably got vaccinated and you are feeling scared…we all die…Meditate with the little time you have left. You will find after the inevitable that you are still alive. It is all about “consciousness”. Consciousness is forever undisturbd. The depth of the Ocean remains calm. Transcend while you can.

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