EAT Asparagus, Chorella, Cilantro: Naturally removes heavy metals

According to the National Cancer Institute, asparagus is the highest tested food containing glutathione.

Vaccine injury causes an interruption in the glutathione pathways. Many children have received great benefit from changing their diet.  Eliminating Wheat and Cassein and adding glutathion rich foods, cilantro and chorella are natural ways to bind heavy metals and eliminate them from your body. Read cases studies

1 thought on “EAT Asparagus, Chorella, Cilantro: Naturally removes heavy metals

  1. Charles

    My small dog had the rabies shot web tossed over her. I assume had I refused, armed thugs would come to take her by force. It’s best to not tell vet what you’re doing. She had reduced glutathione 45 minutes before, 90 minutes after, plus vitamin -E, a bit more glutathione later. Tomorrow comes the cilantro and chlorella which I had in a formula called Metal Shield. The site linked does mention compulsory vaccinations as being a threat to public health. I was in group recently addressed by a “public health official” touting vaccines, I alone contradicted what she said but others expressed dissent later. Nutrients, not synthetic chemicals.

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