Dr. Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist speaks out against psychiatry today

Thomas Szasz is the most preeminent critic of psychiatry in the world today.  Dr. Thomas Szasz is co-founder of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) a psychiatric/mental health watchdog. He is a professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, author of 35 critically acclaimed books on psychiatry and the mental health industry. Go to CCHR
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4 thoughts on “Dr. Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist speaks out against psychiatry today

  1. nicole sorce

    he probably has alzheimer’s dementia. if you wrote so many books on “human rights” doctor, you certainly wouldn’t be criticising the field like this, nor the mentally ill. very sad. is there an AXIS I for burnt-out psychiatrists?!?!

  2. s

    Dear Sir Madam

    I agree that Psychiatry can cause more harm than good .

    It not only stops people from being normal ,but makes them more agresive .

    It causes sad lives and no one lives long with it .

    You ill never stop it and I am sick of hearing people call me mental .

    They live in fear some of them every day and lovely memories and minds demolished by aggressive treatments .

    The doctors may feel they are helping but their are far too few people complaining about it .

    A lot of the paitents are left disavled and nonoen is happy eith the end treatment .

    Their are so many people complaining ,why is it still running .

    They are not interested in what we say .We are a shut up nation .

    No body is interested in if we like it or not .

    Happy sad ,nothing .


    Thank you .

  3. John O'Brien, Ph.D.

    I have nothing but utmost respect for Dr. Szasz. He liberated and saved many from the pitfalls of Psychiatry. He will be sorely missed ! Rest in Peace.

    Dr. John P. O’Brien, Ph.D.
    Clinical Psychologist

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