Dr. A True Ott: Wellness Secrets For Life (Minerals are vitally important)

The information in this book is vital for your health. the body is composed entirely of MINERALS and WATER  Dr. A. True Ott is one of our most vocal activists on health, politics and social change.  Dr. Ott is the real deal. The minerals produced by Dr. A True Ott are micronized so that the body readily absorbs them. The minerals are placed under the tongue for about 60 seconds…this allows maximum absorption ito the bloodstream and the cells. We highly recommend that you read this book. Buy book

4 thoughts on “Dr. A True Ott: Wellness Secrets For Life (Minerals are vitally important)

  1. Barbara Tritelli

    I am 77 and have been diagnosed with tendonitis in both hips as a result of inflammation. I received a cortisone shot in each his yesterday. Also received an injection at the base of my left thumb/wrist due to arthritis. MRI of sacro/pelvic area show arthritis in SI joint, Pelvis. Rheumatologist suggested medications but alterted me they suppress the immune system and have “side effects” that warrant caution. My massage therapist sent me the email below. I am interested in knowing what supplement rebuilds bone. What should I be taking. Appreciate hearing from you. barbtritelli2K16@gmail.com
    10:17 AM (7 minutes ago)
    Hello Barbara
    All I can say, is that if you are taking a steroid to help with pain better find a supplement that helps rebuild bone. Basically minerals will help. I love the book Wellness Secrets for life. by True Ott PhD. His company have mineral supplements that you take under the tongue and doesn’t go through digestive system. Best way to get your calcium and magnesium, etc.

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