3 thoughts on “How mercury degenerates the brain UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY

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  3. Ben

    Mercury is not equal to Thiomerosal – everyone with some chemical knowledge should know that.
    Thiomersal is as you can see here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thiomersal. It is an organic salt of Mercury and for my understanding not possible to extract Hg Ions out of this. You can see that the Hg atom is linked with other atoms around. So the toxicity of mercury is not equal to the toxicity of Thiomersal – even though a high dosis of thiomersal is in fact toxic but this is also true for many many other substances that are important for our body! Simple example: Natrium Chloride NaCl is simply salt! Even though Chlorine is quite dangerous and toxic NaCl is necessary for us to survive.

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