Hot-Coffee-DVD-FIn the world of “vaccine” journals – we have journals that serve the government propaganda. Agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is above science & morality as they align with their use as wheels in the Totalitarian machine. Journals such as the Elsevier Journals-American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynogology, Pediatrics, have been caught in their complicity with assisting in spreading government agendas.

Along that line of manipulation, I just saw a GREAT documentary, Hot Coffee. It starts with the story of the McDonald lawsuit involving the spilling of hot coffee and the more than 2 million dollar (supposed) settlement to the consumer/Planitiff. It is on Netflix. However, the documentary evolves and peers into the political arena where the “industry” by the name of US Chamber of Commerce, started by Karl Rove, is using the event to put “caps” on corporate settlement … great stuff and real examples. It opens are eyes to another corporate play or prey on the working man….Halburton The documentary follows the 19 year old girl who whlileworking for Haliburton’s subsidiary was gang raped by co men employees in Iraq and how she is prevented to have her day in court… because of the forced “Arbitration? clause in her employment contract and how she is fighting back. So this movie is about the loss the people’s right for judicial regress. It discuss how industry is working closely with the administration via the “US Chamber of Commerce” to freely fund State campaign’s of State justices that will lean to the side of Industry instead of the consumer. I encourage you to watch this documentary. IT IS ALSO ON NETFLIX!

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