6 thoughts on “Ron Paul & more: Legislation codifies that we are moving to martial law.

  1. Linda Burkhead

    I am a former professional recruiter for Corporate America, social activist and now wannabe “socioeconomic paradigm-shifter with Kindred Spirits who have the right skill-sets, values and verve to set it up in up to 3,000 decentralized, independent counties nationwide.

    This is a unique, alternative “volunteer” service for adults and teenagers that offers up to 50,000 FREE personal and professional services per year / per county; strong accountability and high integrity features that “trumps” collective monetary systems.

    It “coop model” has a high learning curve but doable. Integrates green/libertarian values for more holistic appreciation of life. It offers a combination of local extensive databases and Experiential Education Intro workshop.

    Please use the super-private search engine http://www.startpage.com to send your resume of accomplishment. alex@ixquick.com will have startpages’ own super private email system very soon.) Contact him now.

    Onward and upward, theeaquarian@gmail.com

  2. Jeffrey

    This a reasonable portrayal of what has happened to our former republic. It is gone. Finished. Never to return. Those of you who are able should use every effort to get out of the country, We have become a nation enslaved.

    They will take our guns and there will not be a whimper from these macho “oath keeper” or militia types. Then the slaughter will really begin.

  3. RJ Barnett

    It’s called MARTIAL law- not MARSHALL- Law. 2nd Amendment REQUIRES a militia for purpose of defense against tyranny. Join veterans to Speak with local Sheriff- get his commitment to resist.

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  5. Lorraine

    Yes, aparently we are also moving towards greater ignorance. It is MARTIAL law, people. Not Marshall (as in Matt Dillon). Yet another indication that our nation is in freefall, in every way. Tragically, ignorance abounds.

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