SOCIAL SECURITY: THE GREAT PENSION HOAX! Fund has 2.6 Trillion dollars

The Federal government continues to tell the people of America that the Social Security system is in financial ruin, and will be broke by the time many of us come-a-collectin’ in just a couple of decades. They tell us that the evil baby-boomers will strip Social Security bare, and drain the entire program into oblivion.  But I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t true. In fact, it is one of the biggest fallacies ever perpetrated upon the American public. It is a lie hidden in plain sight, just as most government programs and funds have turned out to be.

According to the 2011 CAFR for the Board of Trustees of the Social Security System, the Social Security Trust Funds have a combined total of

2.6 trillion dollars. W-W-What? You heard that right, my friends. Spelled out with all of those pesky zeros in place, that looks like this…

Total assets, December 31, 2010   $2,608,950,000,000  Read more…

Download CAFR Financial Report  Watch Documentary See the full film here, or skip ahead to the last half hour to see this information

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