V for Vendetta-ANONYMOUS-Hackers Rise Up against the establishment!



32 thoughts on “V for Vendetta-ANONYMOUS-Hackers Rise Up against the establishment!

  1. Dr. Michael

    I’m impressed! Thank God someone has a plan! Connect the social media buttons under this !

  2. Mythoughtsalone

    Lets hope its REAL, and not a secret Government agenda to take over the Net on the grounds of security, having said that, if these guys are real, they will overcome….

  3. RB

    Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof.

    Every tree is known by the fruit it bears.

    My sense of smell says that this is a “controlled opposition” group, engaging in “False flag” attacks which only serve to justify a broad internet crackdown.

    No one would be happier than I to be wrong, but I will await extraordinary proof to the contrary. If they are as capable and motivated as they say, then it might overcome my healthy skepticism.

  4. AMH

    Is there a REAL difference between anonymous and the organized criminal class? it’s hard to tell given that globalization is so Democratic these days. One groups kamakazi pilot is anothers freedom fighter to put it in NON ISLAMIC terms.

  5. DavidThomas

    Other simple ways to resist. Don’t go to movies. Don’t go to restaurants. Don’t vote. If you vote then you endorse their system. Leaders should be nominated not because they seek to hold office but because they don’t.

  6. RB

    When confronted with an ongoing criminal enterprise which has hijacked our government, economy, and media, there is nothing that can be done against them which will not itself be deemed “criminal”. War is between two or more belligerents, each calling the other “criminal”. Only the winner gets to declare the themselves “right”, completely ignoring the “might does not make right” argument. History is always written by the victors, who will always declare the losers to have been the “criminals”.

    Would it be wrong to fight criminality with criminality? When the entire system of “justice” has been co-opted and neutered, so that there is no reasonable hope for justice, what other choice is there? Abject capitulation and Defeat? Not much of a choice, if you ask me.

    Again, the tree is known by the fruit it bears. This is not to say however that the ends justifies the means, but that the best evidence of who was in the right, at the end of the day, is whether those who prevailed brought about greater conditions of liberty and justice, or greater tyranny and injustice.

    We were a country founded by men deemed to be criminals of the highest order, traitors against the British Crown. If that is what makes a “criminal” today, then it should be a badge of honor.

  7. Damaris Nicole Rowland

    I worry always about corruption. What is to stop it once power has been gained? Great ideas and movements always come to an end. Our very democracy, our American sense of “doing the right thing” is being devalued today by the money of corporations. They pay our politicians, and the politicians do their bidding. I’m glad someone has a “plan”. I hope those enacting the “plan” will resist the lure of power and money.

  8. Comdr Z

    “V” is a Jew psyops movie. It is replete with Nazi type actions and symbols.
    Hackers never mention the organisms/creatures behind 911 and all world wars and depressions: JEWS
    Those who do not name the enemy by name are complicit in their crimes.
    This site is no exception. Jews hate freedom of speech and censorship will be enforced on this message.

  9. JC

    All of that sounds fine and dandy except for the fact that this all has perfect timing…all of a sudden let’s fight for liberty and hack the “system” while the “system” is prompting to phase in the internet 2.0 which will require you to biometriclly scan or thumb print just to log in and tracks even MORE of what you do while at the same time having heavily restricted websites such as rense or infowars and henrymakow. Those sites will all be gone, the psn attacks were just the first phase of this mess as we all are seeing. Video games who cares but when it’s just another way to have our liberties taken away virally and even worse keep even closer tabs on what we are doing then we have to stop and think about what any and all of these cyber hero groups are all about.

    Controlled opposition is the best way to subvert people into doing bad things so they get locked up and then scare other people away from standing up against corruption for fears of being locked up and really to me all of these groups are government sponsored in some way shape or form no different from the KKK or Black Panthers. Once the group was founded they were already infiltrated whether the message is good or bad, they don’t care. They only care about dominance and control over us sheeple.

  10. DavidThomas

    Comdr Z says:
    July 14, 2011 at 2:34 pm
    “V” is a Jew psyops movie. It is replete with Nazi type actions and symbols.
    Hackers never mention the organisms/creatures behind 911 and all world wars and depressions: JEWS
    Those who do not name the enemy by name are complicit in their crimes.
    This site is no exception. Jews hate freedom of speech and censorship will be enforced on this message.

    You might be right with respect to “V” Comdr Z, and if you are then I open my eyes accordingly. While believing 911 was a staged event by those you suggest responsible it doesn’t alter the fact that they are getting away with it and there seems to be little anyone can do about it. That’s why Anonymous, should it be a tool of the establishment, might ironically perpetuate its own downfall, if only through public opinion, of the apparatus, in spite of themselves. I am hopeful that Anonymous is real.

  11. Electrolux

    If you don’t like the system don’t participate in it or as little as possible. Cancel your cable. Don’t eat junkfood. If you are polluting your body and showing it disrespect you are generating a weak mind. The mind is like a muscle in that undisciplined people have very weak minds, unused and slumbering in a fantasy gameworld.
    First you must subdue your mind, your ego. Generate a compassionate mind. Can you eat meat without consciously being aware of the brutality that has happened to that unwilling “meal” on your plate? The powers that be torture the animal and then feed it to you. This makes you a partner in their brutality. This becomes the practice of your mind and they know this. They are awake. You Wake up and pay attention to your habits and motives. Be aware all of the time. It will be hard at first because your minds are mush. Very weak. You think that you are clever but your practice belies your sloth.Freedom starts from within. It cannot be taken once generated.Nothing in the conceptual or non conceptual can take it. You alone are the creator. The human mind is very powerful. Don’t confuse what you know with what you practice. Your mind creates the world from practice or habit and not from superficial knowledge.

  12. Jeanette

    Very slickly produced expressing many of the principles I espouse. I hope Anonymous is for real because there is a very troubling omission in the video montages that were shown in this video. Many past and present government atrocities were represented, Nazis, Stalin etc. and well they should have. There’s one stark, glaring omission, the GENOCIDE against the Palestinian people by the US backed government of israel! This ALONE makes me VERY wary of just exactly who and what Anonymous REALLY is.

  13. RB

    Fact is that Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, or pretenders to actually be such, all being Satanists, were involved in financing, choreographing, orchestrating, and executing the events of 9-11 and a host of other events before and since.

    “THE Jews” do not exist as a monolithic group, anymore than “THE Christians”, or “THE Muslims”. All groups have been used and exploited by subgroups within, since the beginning of time.

    Yes, there are plenty of Jews who are to blame and that occupy the high seats of power. But Christians and Muslims alike put them there, and keep them there. 2% of the population of America are Jews, and they make up an incredibly smaller percent worldwide. Yes, they are vastly overly represented in the halls of American power. But how can that occur without the overwhelming complicity of the vast majority of non-jews who are so easily and willingly led?

    America, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are all known to have had a definite hand in carrying out the 9-11 attacks. That being the case, it is a HUGE mistake to pin it on Jews alone. They could not have done it without plenty of willing help from the Gentiles.

    This is about satanic-level CORRUPTION, which knows no bounds and does not discriminate.

    Yes, every Israeli Jew Dual citizens should be forced out of our government, infrastructure, and institutions, but we would be fools not to seek and find corruption, everywhere it occurs, and remove it from the playing field.

  14. Question 9/11

    I like the idea, BUT, with the government planning on shutting down the web and activating the new internet 2; I’m just wondering if these guys are helping the government prove their point. I will believe this more if they blow 9/11 out of the water. Can they hack that ?

  15. Dropa

    Abducting children from their family and sticking them into so called “christian counseling centers” to be used like lab rats and drugged with psychotropic medications with no protections from abuse is a very serious issue and a crime against humanity.

    I was in one.

    I do not forgive and I will never forget.

    Payback for the torment humans have endured at the hands of those in power has already unleashed a UFO reality you thought would never come but it has only begun.

    I do not forgive and I will not forget.

    I am not ANONYMOUS and you already know who I am but I am not afraid and I will not stop. The scientific tyranny imposed on the world ends with the UFO mystery being revealed. The disinformation agents have won for decades and laughed at the human race for long enough and even become wealthy spreading the lies about UFO space craft – The UFO fleets are not space craft, are not fallen angels either.

    Instead an army of angels unleashed. The UFO information war has already been won you just don’t know it yet.

    I do not forgive and I will never forget what the vandals of human mental evolutionary processes did to our world.

    I do not forgive and I will never forget.

  16. Anonymous

    I agree with RB, who said, “My sense of smell says that this is a “controlled opposition” group, engaging in “False flag” attacks which only serve to justify a broad internet crackdown.”

    This “Anonymous” hacker group is probably located on a military base in Israel. The Jewish global criminal network has been trying to shut down free speech on the Internet for some time now, because they are being exposed, and they don’t like it. The Internet crimes that this “Anonymous” group is planning will give politically powerful Jews like Chuck Schumer and Joe Lieberman a perfect excuse to crack down on the Internet, and strictly regulate it, or even shut it down entirely, and start up “Internet2,” which they will control.

    I am very suspicious of this “Anonymous” group for another reason. They call themselves “Anonymous,” but the truth is that no one on the Internet is really anonymous to the NSA and other intelligence agencies. The NSA and other intelligence agencies have the capability to identify every person in Anonymous, yet we are supposed to believe they are powerless to stop a group of hackers?

    IMHO, This is a controlled opposition group, trying to lure in suckers who will be identified as “enemies of the state.” They used this same “V” crap during Freemason Ron Paul’s controlled opposition campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2007. There were many slick “V” videos just like this one which used the “V” masks, etc., and whose message was, “Support Ron Paul!” A lot of good that did, huh? And Ron Paul made not a peep of protest about the massive vote fraud that was waged against him. He also absolutely supports the official version of 9/11. It’s no coincidence that he’s running for president again in 2012, undoubtedly with the exact same results – controlled opposition. I wonder how many “V” videos will be created for him this time.

    The only way I would believe that Anonymous is for real is if they expose Israel as the true perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks. Anything less than that, forget about it.

  17. sundownmulerider

    Fact: No commercial communications corp. can exist without your money; hence, your permission. Fact: No corporation on this planet,in their present state of being can exist without your money; hence, your permission. Feed the beast,it lives: starve the beast,it will turn upon itself and devour itself, it will die. There is no new thought, none whatsoever. Two choices exist at present, be afraid and remain a slave or come together and turn the machine on itself. Fact:EVERYTHING is stored within the machine, the tyrant is totally dependent upon the machine, it’s system of control cannot exist without it.

  18. thisisaFF


    This STINKS of FF. All that media attention as they crank up their propoganda machine to get the masses of sheeple involved. Do not be ‘Had’ again. I smell a HUGE RAT!!!

    You have been warned!!!

  19. BoogieBoy

    Any one who doesnt mention Jews and the Satanic movement called Zionism is either part of the agenda or a fool!

  20. Nicodemus

    I would like to see some special televised event such as the presidential debates, interrupted for a brief message from V

    Hack The Planet

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  22. Popolov

    There are many interesting but very divergent comments; the ‘conspiracy’ anonymous brigade in particular.

    We don’t yet know whether Anonymous is a genuine global grassroots unorganized collection of seekers after justice, truth and freedom, or whether it is a body set up and run by the abject evil reptilian controllers based in Israhell, Washington or London, or all three.

    One thing is for sure, the reptilians control all departments of the U.S. and most western governments, as well as being the creators of most of the terrorism.

    So the real question is, if one accepts the anti-Anonymous thesis indicated by several of the comments and you do nothing by sitting on your hands and allow the reptiles to run roughshod all over you, or do you acknowledge what the anti’s say but nevertheless stand up and fight for what is right, just and truthful? The choice is yours!

    But let us face facts, the reptiles, their servants and puppets in America, Britain, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and various other docile western puppet-countries are doing everything within their power to brainwash, subjugate, dominate, control and enslave their respective ‘subjects,’ and in so doing use all manner of spoofs, agents provocateur, assassins, harlots and general duplicitous morons to implement their plans, including police thugs. Will you allow them to carry on in the same way, or will you thrust your chin forward and fight the non-violent fight?

    The choice is yours. The future is yours or theirs. What will it be?

  23. Torvus

    I am shocked at the anti-Jewish sentiments portrayed in the above comments, so I would not wish to be part of that: it is disgusting. I would judge that, body-for-body, no-one has done more killing than the ‘Christian’ – (omitting civil wars) how many in Europe in WW1 and 2 – easily over 24 million? How many in the originally Orthodox-based-turned ‘atheist’ USSR? 40 million+? How many nuked in Japan? How many in India? The Spanish in South America? The French in Algeria? How many Oranged in VietNam? How many beaten, starved and tortured in South Africa by so-called Christians? the Belgians and Germans in the Congo? Native Indians in North America? etc etc. Maybe below the surface of these haters there are also anti-other feelings, who the heck knows with such teeming anti-human sentiments – they are just as bad as the despicable behaviours of some of those presently in power. So with a gathering of the usual human hatreds exposed I would not wish to be part of this group that attracts out-and-out haters who always seem to have a special ‘love’ in them for some group – animals, cancer sufferers, etc, but not, for some horrible reason, the Jewish people/religion. Why the special selection? Scary.
    Other aspects: Certainly, there is a very high possibility that the Anonymous group is in reality a group of agents provocateurs and, by these email contacts, at some point we might expect a knock on the door at 4 am from the security services of whatever country one is in; we are not allowed our secrets, but governments, who talk endlessly about transparency, will virtually kill to keep theirs. Anonymous sure know how to tap into the frustration many of hoi polloi feel at the way governments, corporations, armies, security forces and the many secretive groups such as the Bildeberger group and what used to be called the Business Council (in the USA) can get away with running/ruining the economies/ecologies of the world for their own sole benefit and without retribution. There are laws against their bad behaviours. But we note there is no application of those laws to the powerful who subvert them.
    I would probably be better pleased if Anonymous attacked the various mafias, the drug-runners, the slavers, the crooks (in my opinion) within, for example, the EU, who cheat their way year after year using taxpayers’ hard-earned money; and of course there aren’t so many taxpayers in the present economic climate for those who have lost their jobs and cannot get another: in the meantime corporations have every talent at their disposal to avoid/evade paying taxes and getting every kind of grant going to continue plundering the world. It has been said that no revolution produces ‘freedom’ (that magic word that enchants us all) but merely a different ruling group who may be even worse than the one they replace; though on reflection it might be a better one – it’s a gamble.
    How do you keep tabs on corruption? Is majority rule the best? It seems difficult to get rid of the corrupt once they are in power (Stalin was apparently a benign pet before he took over the USSR). How do you ensure a free Press? Culture? Movement? Communication?
    Well I am sure mad at those businesses who took away their facilities from Wikileaks, and am glad they will receive brief isolation in kind – these businesses are part of the whole ruling set-up that keeps governments we don’t want in power. However, I think most countries need well-run businesses to keep commerce running profitably and what we need is, as I see it, more control over businesses. After all, it is really they who run the country, not governments who are at their servants.
    I’d really like to support an intelligent attack on the Establishment – there seems no other way of getting through to them – but could not consider it as is. Remember Animal Farm? Four feet bad, two feet good?

  24. Janice Greer

    I am the Captain of my own ship.
    My vessel consists of interwoven mind, body, and soul.
    I sail upon the seas of destiny with destination unknown.
    My passion sets the course of my compass,
    winds of potential caress my sails of intent,
    My heart assures my voyage is true,
    My path is freely chosen and shall see all things through.
    With precision I pierce any perils set forth by barriers of time,
    For my purpose is assured with love from the divine.

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  26. Anonymous

    It is real… It is right and it will remain anonymous…it is to be respected and never confused as goverment controlled communism…it is the right of these people who protect us…

  27. Richard Allen Leffler

    I am ŕeally surprised at some of the comments on this page. I did not get to see this video before someone made the decision that we had no right to view it! Who would that be,who is this supreme being our group that gets to make that choice for all of us? Whether it be the nsa or some other organization run by our govt or someone else’s or even of alien descent. I do not like the attacks on the Jewish people,I think they have suffered enough and are still God’s chosen! As far as the Christians killing so many people I think you need to specify that it was actually the Vatican who is responsible for so many deaths! The Vatican actually gave Hitler their blessings and money to annihilate the Jewish people and also for the Spanish inquisition. I am a eliever in God,Jesus,and the holy spirit and his word the bible but I will never ever have anything to do with catholicism,is a false religion as far as I am concerned and the pope a false prophet. I believe though that we the people need to stand up and say no to big govt, no to big brother, and the corrupt cronies who now hold office in Washington! State by state we need to say enough is enough and we want our country back. We want the constitution to be the law of the land! We need to fire most of our govt officials and start over starting at the top and working our way down until all these tyrants are fired or some brought to justice! Person by person,state by state we need to take back the land of the free and the home of the brave!

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