H1N1: Oracle Software Co. reverse engineering the 1918 virus

H1N1 Not a Hoax it is Consequence Management DRILL.
Think about it. The law that give immunity to vaccine manufacturers and providers during a declared pandemic (The PREP Act) was in 2005. H1N1 Pandemic-2009.
What is a Consequence Management Drill? Developing protocol in the age of Bioweaponry. How far can they push us?
Forced Vaccinations for school children; healthcare workers vaccinate or get fired! And on and on….Teachers next.

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This video is to show how the Oracle software company has helped in designing a software system that is able to reverse engineer viruses using the “final virus”, and then show how that virus started… They used the 3rd wave of the 1918 pandemic sample that they took from the exhumed Inuit woman, then reverse engineered it to develop the “first wave” H1N1, which we have seen now. Then they are able to predict which mutations will occur, and even “force” these mutations by planting the next strain of the virus, to make it look like a “natural mutation”

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